iPad App Development to Collect Charity

Case Study on iPad App Development
Case Study on iPad Application Development
Case Study on iPad App Development

When one of our clients decided to move into the mobile space to widen their service reach O2I's team of software engineers had to overcome compounded challenges in developing an iPad app which lets client's field workers show various charity programs to potential donors, and collect donations both online and offline.

About the Client

The client specializes in business automation and is a leading system integrator in the EMEA region. With heavy expertise in technology management the client is at the forefront of enabling system, cloud, and mobile technologies for businesses.

The Need

The primary requirement was mobility of operation with ease and fineness; the client also had a list of features they wanted to implement with the added pressure of tight deadlines. The features included -

  • Bilingual app
  • Offline donation registration capability
  • Synchronization of offline data
  • Easy project search and demonstration
  • High security requirements for online payments
  • Updated projects information
  • Seamless user experience

Some of the Key Challenges Were

  • The app required heavy customization to handle the huge database of donors, charity programs and related data
  • To make the app interaction highly intuitive and smooth and make donations simple and easy
  • Ensuring that all monetary transactions remain highly secure and free of errors across the platform
  • Making the app functional both offline and online
  • To ensure faster response time, though the app dealt with huge database of donors and charity programs
  • To create a donation-inducing look and feel
  • To meet the tight deadlines, as this app had to be released before the festive season

O2I's Solution

After thoroughly going through all the requirements and weighing through all the development options, our team came up with a robust development framework that followed a series of steps in completing the entire development process.

Our team had to first work on the database, as it was primarily designed for web application and now it had to be modified for iPad usage. Next step was to develop and integrate listed features so that they get a unified view of all the app features, special efforts went in to keep everything user friendly and seamless.

Salient Features that we Introduced into the iPad App

  • User friendly dashboard showing donation status at any given point of time or as per the retrieval request
  • Ability to take pictures of donor's documents and upload it onto the server for further authentication
  • Keep the app operational sans internet connectivity and later sync it back to the server on connectivity resumption
  • Accommodate both landscape and portrait views and operations
  • Flexibility to search for fund raising program across geographies and make donations

Client Benefits

After successfully deploying the app, the client immediately gained wider, quicker, and easy service delivery options and other key benefits like -

  • The donors found the app to be very easy to use, as it prevented the need to fill lengthy forms and it made the whole payment process effortless. This improved the overall donations for the client
  • As the lag time between process explanation, form filing, and final payment was erased, donations increased
  • It became easier for the client to monitor field workers and extract optimum performance from them
  • Keeping track of donors and extracting related information became simple
  • The client could track the entire fund raising process using this single platform
  • Changes to the donation process or projects became easier and faster as it just required an app update, which made the changes quick and real-time

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