Outsource2india Provided Augmented Reality App Development to a London-based Client

Case Study on Augmented Reality App Development

About the Customer

The customer is one of the most popular dealers of A/Cs, and their installation, maintenance, and repair in the UK.

Business Challenges

Some of the key challenges faced by our mobile app development team were -

  • The customer wanted to develop a mobile app that would help a potential buyer identify the most suitable A/C unit for a given space residential or commercial.
  • The customer wanted the app to recommend air conditioners after considering the interior design and layout of the given space.
  • Only an Augmented Reality app would be able to perform this function; it involved image compression and 3D rendering, and there was a danger of the app becoming very slow because of the elaborate processing involved. Ensuring good speed was a huge challenge.

The Solution

After carefully understanding and analyzing the client's requirements, our team of mobile app developers provided the client with the following solution -

  • At Outsource2india, our app development team brainstormed to come up with an AR app that would do the job of virtual air conditioner installation.
  • Using the app, the user can render the image of a space or room in 3D and then overlay the A/C unit's image on it. The user can also change the location of the unit to see where it fits best.
  • The Outsource2india team worked diligently to create an algorithm that allowed perfect image compression and 3D renditions of the user's room/space.
  • After the user enters their choice, the specific model is shipped to the customer by the company.
  • The developers had to make the necessary adjustments and optimization to allow for varying camera quality and resolution seen in various Smartphones.


Thanks to the augmented reality app, a prospective customer could visualize how an AC model would look in a specific room and place the order without visiting the store. This meant great convenience in choosing and purchasing the product and added an element of fun. In addition to the right capacity, customers can choose the models which are aesthetically suitable for a room's interiors. This innovative approach of the customer helped them increase sales.

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