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FAQs on Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services

Advancement in technology is rapidly changing the global economy and work place. The field of medical transcription has undergone tremendous progress because of constant advances in communication and Internet technology. Outsourcing medical transcription has proved to be an extremely popular and profitable option for the medical industry.

Why is outsourcing medical transcription profitable?

The concept and benefits of outsourcing medical transcription is well known to the medical industry. The direct and immediate advantage of outsourcing medical transcription is cost reduction, reliability in turnaround time and total security.

Why outsource medical transcription to India?

In the last few years India has shown amazing success in this field. The large pool of IT professionals, the internet revolution and the encouraging policy changes have catapulted India to a top position as a quality source of medical transcription services.

Advantages of outsourcing medical transcription to India

There are several advantages in outsourcing medical transcription to India:

  • Language - India has a vast pool of English speaking resources. Medical transcriptionists are graduates and most of them are science majors. Their qualification teamed with fluency in the language makes Medical Transcription Training easier and the quality of results delivered is high.
  • Cost Savings- The wage levels of medical transcriptionists in India are considerably lower than those in the US or other developed countries. Indian companies can offer comparable services and streamlined Medical Transcription Processes at highly competitive rates. This translates into big savings for hospitals. Global medical transcription companies can bolster their bottom-lines by sub-contracting to Indian medical transcription companies.
  • Turnaround time - Turnaround time is critical in this industry. Since India is several hours ahead of America and Europe, Indian medical transcription industries can offer the natural advantage of quicker turnaround time.

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