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Outsource Pharmacy Billing Services

It is challenging to survive in an economy where the competition keeps increasing and the margins keep reducing. In an attempt to enhance business processes and efficacy, pharmacy companies world-wide have either moved, or are gravitating towards automated management systems. Billing is an important and everyday function that requires agility and precision. Anything that can simplify the process will be extremely beneficial for the pharmacists. It is therefore not at all surprising to see that pharmacy billing solutions receive the unwavering attention of pharmacists across the globe.

Pharmacy Billing Services Offered by Outsource2india

O2I provides highly reliable and customized billing services for pharmaceutical firms, pharmacists, and medical practitioners. From patient authentication to payments, we take care of the entire pharmacy billing cycle from start to end. We have developed standard mechanisms and business processes for each and every scenario, which enables our clients to avail timely services at affordable costs.

  1. Admissions

    This is the first and the foremost step of the medical billing process. It is a critical and sensitive process as it captures the details of the patient such as their medical history, previous prescriptions, medical reports, doctors visited, etc. Our professionals are specialized at executing this task flawlessly.

  2. Daily Census Updates

    If your customer makes a medical claim, you need to document essential information such as doctor's contact details, diagnosis and treatment provided, patient's reports, change of physician (if any), patient discharges, etc. Our census maintenance services accurately document records related to the patient and the payee, helping your medical claims process faster.

  3. Prior Authorization Data Management

    At O2I, we have a specialized authorization team that can handle any drug category and emergency code. Our billing systems are designed to ensure that authorizations are acquired before any bills are processed. This ensures that patients with health plans see minimal claim denials.

  4. Refills Management

    Repeat customers are seldom patient, and demand immediate attention. With our assistance, you can process refills immediately and also send timely reminders for refills, keeping your existing customers happy.

  5. Accounts Receivable Follow-up

    Every service, big or small that does not get billed affects the revenues. Our team ensures that each and every service that is delivered to the clients is recorded and billed accurately. We also follow-up with patients or vendors to ensure that the payments are received on time.

  6. Payment Posting

    O2I can automate what is arguably the most labor-intensive activity in medical billing services. From reducing the time spent in data entry to streamlining the manual payment postings, our system will ensure that the reimbursements are appropriately accounted on time.

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Why Outsource Pharmacy Billing Requirements to O2I?

We work with our clients to understand their requirements precisely and design and develop solutions that meet their business logic and expectations completely. With our medical billing services you can experience an improved cash flow, superior customer service, and faster billing.

Outsource2india owes its success to its team of professional and qualified personnel. Thanks to their expertise and industry knowledge, we are able to offer valuable services to our clients. By choosing to outsource pharmacy billing services to O2I, you stand to gain the following benefits -

  • Proper Documentation - We have immense experience and knowledge of working with several types of documentation and guidelines. We can define your processes and requirements for different drug categories comprehensively

  • Fewer Claim Rejections - We can help you minimize rejections, as we have thorough knowledge of healthcare billing processes for various types of branded/non-branded drugs and A-rated generic drugs

  • Qualified Professionals - Our resources are well-trained in pharmacy medical billing. They have knowledge of various drug code categories (CPT codes) as well as on different coding guidelines

  • Compliance - We are HIPAA compliant and RBMA Corporate Partner. Offering high quality pharmacy billing solutions is our guarantee. To fulfill this purpose, O2I follows a comprehensive set of compliance audits that help us eliminate errors

  • Reports - We offer custom reports (statistical and analytical) as per the needs of our client to facilitate faster decision-making

Outsource Healthcare Billing and Pharmacy Billing to Outsource2india

Nobody wants a pharmacy billing solution that is more time-consuming or complicated than the medical procedure itself. We understand this, and design solutions that are effective and improve business productivity.

Outsource2india is a trusted and reputed name in the pharmaceutical industry because we design and deploy business-centric and user-friendly solutions. Our medical billing solutions capture the entire process from calculating taxes to determining reimbursements, and consistently exceed industry benchmarks.

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Get in touch with us, to overhaul and revamp your existing pharmacy billing system, we will be glad to assist you!

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