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Other Healthcare BPO Services

Healthcare BPO Services

Creating a truly sustainable foundation for healthcare will require the industry to eliminate substantial costs, welcome new ways of delivering care, and more importantly, improve overall quality. Outsource2india's healthcare BPO services address the latest healthcare industry trends that are driving business and IT expenditure, while providing a holistic approach towards Healthcare outsourcing.

We have an experience of over 21 years in providing end-to-end, customized business process management solutions and end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare payers. Our superior healthcare solutions offer your company an unmatched focus on quality of healthcare delivery, productivity, and customer experience.

Our Healthcare BPO Services

At Outsource2india, we provide complete healthcare BPO that cater to the healthcare industry as a whole. Some of the services we offer include -

  • Healthcare Consulting

    Our healthcare consulting services help you maximize your operational efficiency while reducing costs. With clients ranging from large hospital chains to single-specialty hospitals and care clinics, we have delivered essential consulting services, including setting up health information management systems, streamlining clinical processes, back-office consulting, etc.

  • Pharmaceutical Outsourcing

    With frequent changes in regulatory requirements and the costs associated with developing new drugs on the rise, the challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies are increasing by the day. Backed up by a world-class infrastructure, O2I provides services such as Pharmaceutical development, manufacturing and packaging, and support services for end-to-end Pharmaceutical outsourcing

  • Medical Animation

    The need for medical animations and images has always remained paramount since an image conveys information in a better manner. At Outsource2india, we can provide you with high-quality medical animations that are not only accurate, but also help you explain the medical case on hand properly. Our services are cost-effective and can help you to minimize your expenses, without compromising on quality

  • Clinical Services

    O2I provides high-quality clinical services to help you benefit from increased work efficiency, greater flexibility, and convenience in your workflow. Some of the clinical services we provide include 3D reconstruction and processing services, collaborative reporting solutions, teleradiology services, oncology, orthopedics, and medical management services

Specialized Services -

Our Pharmacy Business Services

Outsource2india offers value-driven pharmacy business services that cater to all pharmaceutical and medicine process management requirements, along with any other mission critical pharmacy business needs of our clients. Our services include -

  • Pharmacy Management Services

    With a thorough understanding of the entire end-to-end prescription management cycle, O2I offers timely pharmacy management and prescription processing services within quick turnaround times. Some of the key sub-services we provide are refill order entry, new facility entry, refill request management, and emergency kit order entry

  • Mail Order Pharmacy Services

    O2I understands what makes mail order pharmacy get you the desired results such as process efficiency and faster delivery. Our integrated and well-planned out processes bring together the latest in technology such as RFID identification, robotic bar codes and other cutting-edge pharmacy technology for enhanced patient satisfaction. We offer a wide-range of services including refills management, triage, timely authorization, and billing process management

  • Pharmacy Billing Services

    Pharmacy billing is an important everyday function that requires agility and precision. We understand that anything that can simplify the overall process will be extremely beneficial for the pharmacists. O2I provides highly reliable and customized billing services for pharmaceutical firms, pharmacists, and medical practitioners. From patient authentication to payments, we take care of the entire pharmacy billing cycle from start to end

  • Pharmacy Document Management Services

    Paperless pharmacies are the way of the future. At O2I, our online document management solutions for pharmacies are reputed for data integrity, accuracy, confidentiality, short turnaround time, and cost-effectiveness. We believe that a good document management system should be easy to learn and apply, while remaining scalable and providing enough flexibility for crucial cases. Some of the services we offer include documentation support and administration, back office processing of transactions, and document triage and sorting

  • Healthcare Analytics

    Our services for healthcare analytics in India as well as abroad can help you solve challenges faced from disconnected systems, expensive enterprise data warehouses, fragmented data, unstructured clinical data and immature analysis processes. Our aim is to enable informed decision making, while enabling you to deliver high-quality patient care at cost-effective rates. Our services include healthcare predictive analysis, business intelligence, modeling and optimization, and real-time medical data analytics

Why Choose Outsource2india for Healthcare BPO Services?

At Outsource2india, we have the required competency and capability in providing world class healthcare BPO services. Our customers have benefited from our high-quality services and operational efficiency. Some of our key differentiators include -

  • A highly skilled team which includes experienced healthcare professionals and licensed pharmacists, quality assurance teams, etc., all of whom are well versed with HIPAA compliance
  • Subject matter specialists who are trained to work on pharmacy information systems (PIS) with expertise in dealing with various tools and formats like CoverMyMeds, DocuTrack, Payer Rules and more
  • Global delivery excellence model that helps us offer great operational reliability. Our Centers of Excellence in India and US operate 24/7 for better client satisfaction
  • An experience of over 21 years serving healthcare clients around the globe
  • Vast expertise in pharmacy related services including medical coding, and developing and delivering complete pharmacy business plans as per your needs
  • Quick turnaround time at highly competitive prices

Outsource Healthcare BPO Services to Outsource2india!

With the skill, expertise, and familiarity with international norms and standards, Outsource2india can offer quality solutions for your healthcare needs. As a leading Indian Healthcare BPO provider, we can provide high-quality healthcare BPO at cost-effective rates, while ensuring significant operational benefits for your business. Outsource healthcare BPO to O2I and give your organization a competitive advantage!

If you have any kind of healthcare BPO requirements, feel free to fill in the contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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