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Outsource Medical Insurance Claims Processing Services

Outsource your insurance claims processing and let our experts process claims and advise you on the right processes and practices, while increasing the efficiency of your organization based on our high-level research.

Our team of highly experienced professionals performs remote medical claims processing by logging directly into your claims processing software. Mandatory fields like Received Date, ICD-10, Date of Service and line items are thoroughly verified. Our processes and software applications are flexible and adjustable, to match your individual requirements.

Customer Satisfaction and Quality

Customer satisfaction is maintained by reducing response times. A quick response to customers is a key test of operational and technological standing. Abundant statistical data gathered over 19 years of healthcare claims processing operations has helped us develop a suite of dashboards to maintain consistency, and achieve day-to-day improvement in operational areas such as Productivity, Quality and Turnaround Time.

With the experience of handling millions of claim forms, quality is an integral part of our operations. We do a comparison of Critical and Non-Critical Fields, and take measures to achieve Zero Errors. Our internal Quality Assurance department makes sure that there are at least 22 different levels of checks happening for every claim.

Each time an error is noticed, it will be sent back to the erring operators and other team members to make sure that appropriate corrective and preventive actions are taken.

The claims processing strategies that add value are -

  • A cohesive and flexible architecture
  • Comprehensive data management, analysis and reporting
  • Regular monitoring and reporting
  • Efficient teamwork

Our team is highly skilled in using multiple systems, like EMC's Captiva and Actionpoint, and also in-house custom-built software.

We perform due diligence, a process study, system design and process flow. Our team handles the following types of claims:

  • HCFA1500 / CMS1500
  • UB92 / UB04
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