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Outsource Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Integration

Filing Medicare and Medicaid claims is a time-consuming process that involves high costs and a lot of time. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows medical providers to send and receive health care claims information automatically. This translates to faster claims submission, processing and quicker reimbursement. EDI, also known as Electronic Data Exchange, can also be used to process remittance advices, enrollment and eligibility transactions.

EDI Integration Services

Our EDI integration team offers you the following services:

  • Data integration using EDIFACT
  • Integration software that fits in with existing infrastructure
  • Integration of multiple applications
  • Support for HIPAA, HL7 and CMS formats
  • Fax to EDI/ EDI to fax document processing

At Outsource2india we have extensive expertise and experience in providing EDI software integration. We offer support for a wide variety of internal proprietary healthcare data formats as well as rapid interoperability with healthcare applications using the EDIFACT standard.

Our expert team of software professionals and medical insurance billing and coding professionals can handle real-time or batch bi-directional EDI integration.

Experience the Outsource2india difference

  • Reduction in clerical costs and errors
  • Reduction in costs and time due to fraudulent claims
  • Fewer lost and incomplete claims
  • Uncompromised data security and confidentiality

For your EDI integration requirements contact us at Outsource2india.

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