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We are now doing over 150,000 Medical Billing transactions/month for a Healthcare Technology Company in USA.

Outsource PPO Health Insurance Claims Re-pricing

Medical re-pricing is an alternative to traditional health insurance plans, offering affordable health insurance to individuals and companies. Re-pricing involves applying a fee schedule such as a preferred provider organizations (PPOs) agreement to a medical claim. One of the drawbacks of medical re-pricing, though, is the laborious paperwork involved.

As a healthcare professional working with insurance billing, you are looking to reduce your administrative expenses. If you are a member of a PPO network that implements medical re-pricing, you will be constantly inundated with claims re-pricing paperwork. This could include faxing paper claims from the payer to the health insurance company, and manually entering claims that are faxed back into a claims processing system. This potentially involves layers of personnel, higher operational costs and increased processing times.

Now, you can lower operating costs and shorten processing times! Outsource your health insurance claims re-pricing to Outsource2india. We know how to get your claims processed right, with our years of experience in the medical insurance billing industry, providing service to health alliances worldwide.

Our team of qualified medical billers knows exactly how PPO health insurance claims re-pricing works. Consisting of insurance data processors, claim adjusters, underwriters and doctors, they can handle individual health insurance claims as well as medical claims for companies- within a short turnaround time.

What we offer you at Outsource2india

We offer end-to-end medical claims processing for health insurance claims re-pricing -

  • Manual re-pricing of claims
  • Routing claims to the PPO for re-pricing
  • Checking and verification of claims
  • Provider table maintenance

Experience the Outsource2india difference

We understand that you have a choice when it comes to medical claims processing. Here's what sets us apart -

  • Claims re-pricing at cost-effective prices
  • Claims processed within a short turnaround time
  • Qualified medical billing professionals knowledgeable about the re-pricing system
  • Confidentiality and security guaranteed

Focus on meeting your business objectives. Outsource your tedious insurance claims re-pricing work to Outsource2india.

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