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Multi-channel Contact Center Services

Multi-channel Contact Center Services

Rapid technological advancements have been constantly changing the way we communicate with each other. Gone are the days when people would make a call to lodge a complaint against a company. These days, more and more people use different channels to communicate with a company including phone, video, live chat, email, social media platforms, etc.

Merging multiple channels into a single, centrally managed platform, such as a multi-channel contact center, helps businesses reduce cost, boost client satisfaction, improve customer support experience, and increase revenues to a great extent. Outsourcing this process enables businesses to serve their customers through channels of their choice and maintain a strategic bond with them. At Outsource2india we offer top-quality multi-channel customer services to global clients at cost-effective rates.

Multi-channel Customer Support Services We Offer

Offering world-class call center services for almost two decades, we understand that customer experience must be the top priority for a company. We have witnessed a massive change in the way customer support is offered over the years, and therefore keep us constantly updated with the latest technology and global trends. We specialize in providing a variety of contact center services to global clients. Some of the key contact center support services we offer include -

  1. Video Chat Support

    Video Chat Support

    Being one of the fastest growing means of communication, video chat support is being adopted by thousands of companies around the globe. Basically, it is the technological upgrade from phone calls, which helps businesses to stay ahead of their competitors by addressing and resolving customer queries faster. At Outsource2india, we have the required infrastructure and skilled resources to provide high-quality video chat support services. Our video chat support representatives are trained to provide customer support through video chat for a variety of technical and non-technical services or products. Some of the video chat support tools are listed here -

    Video Chat Support Tools
  2. Social Media Customer Support

    Social Media Customer Support

    The availability of several social media platforms has raised the expectations of consumers exponentially. Social media is one of the fastest growing customer support channels widely used by people today, and customers expect support through various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. We have a young and dynamic team trained to provide the best customer support through social media. Some of the social media customer support tools are listed here -

    Social Media Customer Support Tools
  3. Phone Support

    Phone Support

    Maintaining a prompt customer care support is very important for any business and is as significant as offering a good product or service. Therefore, we provide you with the best team, which can successfully handle any volume of inbound and outbound call center requirements.

    Outbound Contact Center

    Outbound Call Center

    Inbound Contact Center

    Inbound Contact Center

    Outbound Contact Center

    We have an experienced team which provides top-quality outbound call center services to global clients. Our call center executives follow a completely result-oriented approach and guarantee positive results within a quick turnaround time. Our outbound services have functioned as extensions of our client companies and have yielded great results

    Inbound Contact Center

    We specialize in providing efficient inbound call center services for global companies. Our resources have the required expertise to handle huge call volumes for different industry sectors. Our prompt and efficient call center services are supported by world-class infrastructure and latest tools and technologies

  4. Email Support

    Email Support

    We provide prompt, efficient, and accurate email support services to global clients. Email has become the primary means of communication in almost all major organizations across the globe. We offer email support for both, technical and non-technical products and services. Some of the email support tools are listed here -

    Email Support Tools
  5. Chat Support

    Chat Support

    Our team at Outsource2india provides cost-effective live chat support services to companies around the world. Our chat support service provides a personalized customer service for different kinds of technical and non-technical domains and can be customized and tweaked as per your needs. Besides, we also enable you to get access to details about your website and related analytics. Some of the chat support tools are listed here -

    Chat Support Tools
  6. Offline Customer Support

    Offline Customer Support

    Apart from the conventional online customer support channels, we have the required capability and bandwidth to provide an offline customer support setup. We have the required expertise to assign certain individuals who can provide face-to-face support to the customers. The customers can visit the store or office and get their issues sorted in real-time.

    Offline Customer Support Tools

Call Center Software We Use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

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Why Invest in Multi-channel Contact Center Support?

Using multi-channel contact center support offers numerous benefits to businesses. Multi-channel contact services offer companies with option of having multiple touch points throughout the purchase cycle. Furthermore, the benefits of interacting with customers through different communication channels are many. Some of the key benefits are listed below -

  • Companies can collect information about customer behavior and preferences
  • Address customer issues and interact with the customers at every level of the purchase cycle
  • These contact centers result in enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn boost ROI
  • Facilitates business flexibility and CRM integration
  • As the interaction with the clients is maximized, it increases business operational efficiency
  • Allows customers multiple options to interact with the company
  • As these customer service channels are promptly managed, customers get instant replies and quick resolution
  • As the history of the interaction is readily available, valuable insights can be derived, to streamline the entire process
  • Contact center agents will generally be able to process multiple interactions. These swift yet impactful interactions, help businesses gain a competitive advantage over the competitors
  • As multi-channel enables quick and easy processing of customer queries, it considerably reduces contact center costs

  • Planning to outsource call center services, but not sure what it costs?

Benefits of Choosing O2I for Multi-channel Contact Center Solutions

Outsource2india has been providing multi-channel customer support to clients for almost two decades. Our rich experience of having worked with numerous clients from different regions of the globe helps us successfully handle customer requests from different parts of the world. Some of the major benefits of choosing us include -

  1. Cost-effective Prices

    We provide the best-quality multi-channel customer support services at cost-effective rates and within a quick turnaround time

  2. World-Class Training Programs

    Our team of contact center agents undergoes intense training to provide a variety of services and handle different types of audiences

  3. Customized Services

    We have the required expertise to provide you with highly customized services, as per your business requirements

  4. Young & Experienced Team

    We have a young and dynamic team of contact center specialists, supported by some of the highly experienced agents in the call center industry

  5. Security Policies

    We follow strict confidentiality agreements and workstation data security policies which ensure that all the critical information you share with us is completely safe

  6. Access to Latest Technologies

    We have state-of-the-art infrastructure in place and harness latest call center tools and technologies to provide the best customer experience

  7. Understand Different Cultures

    Our team is trained to effectively interact in different languages and with clients from different cultures and backgrounds

  8. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

    Our top-quality services ensure that all the issues and queries are efficiently resolved within a quick turnaround time and hence increase customer satisfaction

Multi-channel Contact Center Services in Philippines

Our delivery centers in Philippines are catering to the call center requirements of global clients. Our multi-channel contact center team at Philippines comprises of young and talented contact center agents providing the best-quality customer support services to customers. Some of the services include live chat support, social media customer services, video chat customer services, etc.

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Outsource Call Center Services in Philippines

Outsource Multi-channel Contact Center Services to Us

Outsource2india has been providing the best-quality multi-channel contact center solutions and a host of other call center services to global clients. Our cost-effective services have saved enormous time and money to several clients around the world. We provide customers with a customized solution which is centrally managed through a single platform. This streamlines the entire process of contact center solutions. We believe in total transparency and allow our customers to make informed business decisions. O2I is one of the leading multi-channel customer service providers in the world known for its quick and effective services.

If you are looking for accurate, efficient, effective, and cost-effective multi-channel contact center service provider, then look no further. Get in touch with us today!

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