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Top 10 Customer Experience Trends and Predictions 2020

Top 10 Customer Experience Trends and Predictions for 2020

This article includes nuggets of wisdom on upcoming trends and predictions to take your customer engagement to new heights

It is reported that a moderate increase in customer experience can help a company with $1 billion in annual turnover augment its earnings by $823 million in a period of 3 years. Yet companies are struggling to make the experience seamless, rewarding, and enjoyable for their customers. A survey on customer experience collected views of more than 5,000 consumers and 500 marketers across the globe. The survey concluded that customer experience is failing to meet expectations.

While nearly half of the consumers surveyed believed this to be true, marketers, it seemed, were even more dissatisfied with the experiences being delivered to their consumers. Nearly half of the marketers surveyed wanted customer experiences to be easier and engaging. Therefore, the question that arises out of this dissatisfaction is; how customer experiences can be enhanced so that it perfectly meets expectations. Our customer experience trends and predictions for 2020 includes answer that lies in blending advanced marketing technology with the right marketing strategy.

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Customer Experience Trends for 2020 that You Should Know

Our predictions for customer experience in 2020 include innovations that will make your business more customer focused. Given below are the customer experience trends that marketers will embrace to improve customer experience -

  • Customer Experience Will Become AI-driven

    Customer Experience Will Become AI-driven

    Marketers will go out-and-out to embrace artificial intelligence and enrich customer experience. Bots will be integrated with all the communication channels to further enhance the agent empowerment and improve the quality of interaction. The ability of chatbots to weave responses for individual customers and automate routine interactions will enable customers to resolve basic concerns without agent support. If customers are dissatisfied with the preliminary self-help, the AI can intelligently map calls to an agent with relevant expertise. The entire conversation is recorded to allow swift diagnosis of the problem. This allows the customer to benefit from agent support without repeating the problem over and again. Also, with AI bots, it is possible to provide a response in a more consistent and accurate manner across all channels.

  • Anticipating Customer Moves with Analytics

    Anticipating Customer Moves with Analytics

    Customer behavior is invaluable data that helps every smart marketer to deliver great experience along with the service. In 2020, companies will embrace predictive speech analytics to identify opportunities and deliver high-touch customer experience. The consistent nature of these interactions has a direct impact on the customer experience. The predictive technology will be widely used to analyze live audio streams, recorded voice files, social media engagements, emails, or chats to eliminate the need to revisit transactional history. Since analytic tools assess over 200 prosodic speech parameters, it will be used to build a profile that illuminates customer behavior and their preference. This helps marketers to gain insights into long-term purchase patterns such as related searches, buying style, and time spent on products.

  • Enriching Customer Experience Through Local Agents

    Enriching Customer Experience Through Local Agents

    With the unstoppable growth of the internet, the world has evolved into a single marketplace. Even small businesses can now afford to promote their products anywhere across the world. This phenomenon has upped the demand for additional employees from across the time zones and locations. The virtual call center is one of the most evolving customer experience trends. It offers an excellent way of providing support in different locations. The greatest merit of a virtual call center is its ability to enhance customer satisfaction with the help of local workforce who can engage with customers in their local language, dialect, and culture. This is one of the latest customer experience trends that will make waves in 2020.

  • Delivering Experiences Through Digital Transformation

    Delivering Experiences Through Digital Transformation

    As the world is moving into a digital age, great customer experiences can only be delivered through digital metamorphosis. Therefore, a conspicuous effort to digitize the customer experience will be a major focus. According to the prediction about the future of customer experience, more product and service companies will undergo complete digital transformation by 2020. Companies will strive to measure the effectiveness of digitalization at different points in the customer journey. If necessary, design a different digital journey, map the digital customer journey and compare the conversations from one channel to another. This means replacing cold calls with social selling, reaching out to prospects via account-based and email marketing, personalizing engagement with prospects, as well as providing a seamless multi-channel and real-time experience.

  • Making Self Help Easier

    Making Self Help Easier

    A report by Nuance enterprise says that 75% of customers believe self-help is more convenient to resolve simple issues, and 67% of consumers preferred self-help tool over agents support. As a result, service providing companies are rolling out self-help tools and library of information to empower customers to resolve minor issues on their own. It is one of the customer experience trends to watch in 2020. This will also help them meet customer expectations. Moving ahead, most call centers will leverage tools like FAQs as well as invest in technologies such as auto-attendants and pre-recorded IVR messages to improve customer experience.

  • Enabling Voice Commerce

    Enabling Voice Commerce

    We are living in an age where people can use voice command on mobile phones to get a job done. So, voice commerce will be a dominating customer experience trend. Call centers will go out-and-out to meet customer needs and enhance their experience using voice technology. This would make online ordering more efficient than before. A perpetually busy customer can benefit from ultimate customer experience along with real-time and hands-free shopping facility. To enhance this experience, call centers will go the extra mile to introduce voice plus screen experience, so that the voice interactions can be made more intuitive. This also signifies that traditional chatbots will soon give way to smart bots that are powered by voice recognition. In this way, answering to the product or service-related queries, guiding customers to relevant pages, and presenting upsell opportunities can be a breeze. Voice-based technology will assist vision-impaired customers to interact with a brand through a digitally connected experience. The voice commerce hints the launch of voice-based marketing campaigns personalized to each customer's taste.

  • Improving Experiences through Omnichannel Delivery

    Improving Experiences through Omnichannel Delivery

    Companies will switch over from multi-channel marketing to omnichannel marketing to provide customers the control of their shopping experience. This means call centers will abandon personalized shopping that involves integrating and customizing shopping channels to reach out to prospects. Instead, an omnichannel experience facilitates tracking customer needs before the engagement. For customers, this would mean a more rich, cohesive, and rewarding shopping experience. Understanding customer needs consistently and accurately would help companies create the kind of niche experience that drives client loyalty.

  • Leveraging Augmented Reality to Give Customers a Real Feel

    Leveraging Augmented Reality to Give Customers a Real Feel

    Going forward, call centers will also tap into AR to transform the customer experience. AR sails us into a 360-degree world with 3D experience. Today's consumers want to be engaged on their own terms. Among the things that elderly people seek mostly are face-to-face interactions. There are occasions when people find it obnoxious to engage strangers, especially patients who interact with doctors via phone call or video. Though the video-enabled meeting has eased much of the discomfort, there cannot be anything better than making it more real with AR. Major retailers like home furnishing giants, fast-fashion chains and cosmetics companies have started leveraging AR to make interactions with customers more interactive and engaging.

  • Reducing Errors to Enhance the Experience

    Reducing Errors to Enhance the Experience

    Customer experiences suffer when customers are misled due to agent errors. To eliminate human-induced errors, companies will seek advanced tools like recall technology to undo mistakes. This tool will proactively monitor, flag, and fix errors before it becomes catastrophic. All that during an ongoing conversation with the customer. With the tension of errors out of the way, agents can work more efficiently. Companies would also embrace personalized interactive video tools during video calls so that videos can be played while agents correct errors in the back end. This would give customers a positive outlook while keeping them truly engaged.

  • Enhancing Customer Experience Through Transparency

    Enhancing Customer Experience Through Transparency

    One thing that companies understand today is that customers are much savvier than before. They are eager to uncover information about brands that manifest gated content. Companies with transparent philosophy inspire confidence in their customers and it goes a long way towards building loyalty. Therefore, transparency will be an important customer experience trends for 2020. To build transparency, more companies will come out in the open about their work culture, behind the curtain activities, and employee satisfaction levels through bare-it-all content. To go the extra mile, companies will publish relevant data and information such as employee salaries and attrition rate to their consumers.

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