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How it Works - Virtual Remote Assistant

We follow a robust process to ensure that you find the right virtual assistant.

The Process

  1. Understanding the Requirement:

    At this stage, our efforts are focused on capturing your exact requirements, the current process that you follow and the expected output.

  2. Identifying the Right Assistant:

    After gaining an insight into your requirements and current processes, we start the process of matching the right assistant for your job.

  3. Design Work Flow:

    Once the right assistant is identified and the requirements are understood, we start the process of designing the workflow and reporting formats.

  4. Provide Support:

    Post designing the workflow and determining the reporting formats, our assistant starts working for you.

  5. Ongoing Process and Quality Management:

    We have a continuous evaluation process in place to ensure that the assistant you hire is able to meet your expectations.

  6. Periodic Reporting:

    The reporting frequency is defined at the time of designing the workflow. We ensure that this frequency of sending reports is always met.

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Our robust process ensures that you find the right virtual assistant. Hiring virtual assistant made easy!

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