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Case Study on Optimizing Customer Journey through Efficient e-Commerce Product Catalog Management

Optimizing Customer Journey through Efficient e-Commerce Product Catalog Management

The Client

Our valued client is a thriving American e-commerce company headquartered in Washington. Their website has earned a well-deserved reputation for offering diverse products, including clothing, footwear, toys, and household essentials. Established in 2009, their e-commerce platform has served customers since January 2010, with an initial emphasis on children's apparel. Targeting tech-savvy young mothers, they operate as an exceptional marketplace characterized by an inventory-free model. The key to their success lies in time-limited offers and captivating events, each lasting 72 hours, which enthrall customers and drive impressive sales figures.

The Requirement

The client’s crucial step in their business process required vendors to upload product information in a specific format. This was crucial to ensure a quick and accurate reflection of product information on their e-commerce website. However, managing multiple vendors sending information in various formats, ranging from Excel spreadsheets to CSV, posed significant challenges in efficiently uploading accurate data in the desired structure. To address this, they approached Outsource2india seeking additional resources to clean up the data and transfer it into a prescribed template. This step was necessary to ensure seamless product catalog updating. This streamlined process was vital in providing customers with accurate and comprehensive product information, ultimately enhancing their overall user experience.

The Challenges

The client needed help managing their e-commerce product catalogs. The system frequently rejected uploaded files, and when accepted, product specifications became misaligned and needed to be more accurately displayed on the website. With their business expansion and a growing number of vendors, error percentages shot up, adversely impacting the service quality and customer experience. Handling these challenges in-house incurred significant costs and efforts, compelling them to seek a prompt and effective resolution to uphold their competitive position.

All these challenges compelled them to seek a reliable partner capable of providing tailored call center services to address their unique challenges and unlock the full potential of their customer engagement initiatives.

Our Solution

We took on the responsibility of initializing the product catalog and reallocating reused styles. Our project manager visited the client's location for training and to gain a comprehensive understanding of their existing systems, processes, and workflows. This enabled us to devise a well-crafted execution plan encompassing a training strategy, ramp plan, and glide path to ensure the desired level of quality. Our approach comprised the following elements -

  • Defined tight deadlines and SLAs to function independently and meet weekly and monthly targets, preventing financial penalties.
  • Prepared a comprehensive process-level document encompassing business objectives, SLAs, process flow, systems, scripts, reporting, quality process scorecards, and govern call frequency.
  • The project manager strategically recruited and trained a batch of agents. Regular assessments were conducted during the training period.
  • Certified agents transitioned to the nesting phase with clearly defined KPIs. We established a continuous process of identification, measurement, development, and sustenance of employee performance. Additionally, we held weekly reviews with clients for deliverables, ensuring transparency, discussion of challenges, and prompt implementation of solutions.

The Result

Our services proved highly efficient and reliable, exceeding client expectations and improving product catalog management. This helped them maintain their position in the competitive e-commerce landscape. We created value in multiple ways, which included the following -

  • Our adept agents swiftly conquered the initial accuracy challenge, achieving an outstanding accuracy rate of 97.5% by the end of the ninth week and consistently maintaining an impressive 99% accuracy thereafter.
  • Through our high-quality performance and constant engagement with the client, we helped them foster superior customer relationships through better user experience.
  • Our offshore team's exceptional dedication and productivity helped the client significantly streamline costs and improve the efficiency of their onshore operations.

The client delegated more responsibilities to us, cementing our integral role in their core business operations. Our efforts and service quality improved operational efficiency and contributed to their success in the dynamic e-commerce industry.

Elevating Customer Experience with Efficient e-Commerce Product Catalog Management

By outsourcing e-commerce product catalog development and management to a trusted service provider, you can elevate the customer experience. Our skilled agents collaborate closely with vendors and stakeholders, meticulously gathering, organizing, and updating product catalogs. This commitment to accuracy and comprehensiveness ensures seamless customer journeys with real-time, up-to-date information at their fingertips. Our expertise in handling various product data formats guarantees smooth integration and swift updates, even for large product volumes. The streamlined browsing experience that results from our efforts drives heightened user satisfaction and boosts customer retention.

Embrace our customized services to optimize vendor interactions and elevate your e-commerce product catalog management, delivering an exceptional customer experience.

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