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O2I Provided Outstanding Outbound Call Center Services to An Insurance Agency

O2I's Lead Generation Services Enabled an Insurance Agency in Florida to Enhance Profitability

The Client

Headquartered in Hollywood, the client is an insurance agency with 17+ years of experience. A dedicated team of experts in their Florida office handles everything, from the sales floor to the executive branch, for a portfolio of 30 companies.

The Requirement

To effectively run such a massive operation, a strong team is essential. However, the client sought cost-effective and scalable solutions to address the in-house talent shortage. They needed a BCP team operating outside the US location to handle outbound calls and transfer those that necessitated a licensed agent.

The Challenges

The client had a specific set of expectations; they were seeking the perfect blend of effectiveness, cost-containment, and quick scalability. To fulfill their requirements, we focused on recruiting call center agents with prior insurance expertise. Additionally, the client emphasized minimizing the training duration, aiming to start operations promptly.

Our Solution

We presented the client with a practical proposal to initiate the project with a pilot team of 5 agents and expand the workforce only during peak seasons. It allowed the customer to budget and forecast expenses effectively. We carefully selected five experienced agents with the ideal skills based on the client's needs. 

Additionally, we adopted a strategic approach by pre-determining the required number of agents for each season and onboarding seasonal agents who could be relieved from duties after the season ended.

Skillsets We Leveraged

  • Aggressive hiring timelines
  • Excellent coordination
  • Quality sales transfers
  • Cost-effective talent pool
  • Rapid scalability during peak seasons

Platforms Used for This Project

QQCatalyst & Insure Station

The Outcome

Through our services, the client experienced a significant decrease in operational costs. They could ramp up and ramp down during the peak seasons. We had a substantial impact on their business, leading to a remarkable surge in overall lead conversion. The client expressed their utmost satisfaction with our offerings, and as the project advanced, they increased the number of agents from 5 to 11.

Customer Testimonial

Our Outsource2india representatives ensure they are fulfilling not just their obligations but also any expectations they perceive the client might have. The pricing of their services is reasonable and a great investment. We highly recommend their services, which are bound to bring great value to all companies.

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