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Outsource2india's Lead Generation Services Brought High-impact Experience to Insurance Franchise's Leads

Case Study on Lead Generation for Insurance Franchise

The Client

The client we served is an insurance franchise whose agents were responsible for generating quality leads at a lesser cost compared to its peers. The client's team was responsible for handling support functions enabling them to build a sound reputation through stellar customer experience.

Client's Requirement

The client required skilled agents adept in lead generation strategies, demonstrating exceptional capabilities to link end customers to their business. They wanted agents who showcased confidence-building measures using fine judgment, instead of using sales aggression to build relationships. The client's priorities were set on securing appointments with the prospects and qualifying them systematically until a closed deal ensues.

O2I's Solution

As soon as the project formalities were through, we shortlisted agents from our talent pool and brought them up to speed in only 7 business days. We vetted our agents for accent, past ratings in screening, and profile matching. Our selection proved right in the customer's eyes from the get-go.

The Result

The pilot project was a success, and the client patted our back for the effort in bringing a capable team into their critical task force in so little time. The success prompted them to extend the contract and add more agents in the upcoming months.

Outsource Lead Generation Support Services to Outsource2india

If you're pinched to hire a team of agents on short notice like the client whom we served, you can count on lead generation experts at Outsource2india. We have a team of highly qualified professionals with a decade-plus of experience in call center operations. They can handle a gamut of call center operations, eliminating the need for you to have a reach in every corner of the lead generation activities. If you want a better cost-saving alternative to hiring lead FTEs, outsource lead generation services to Outsource2india today.

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