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Call Center Services to Motorcycle Insurance Provider in the UK

O2I Delivered Comprehensive Call Center Services to the Top Motorcycle Insurance Provider in the UK

The Client

Our client is a leading motorcycle insurance provider in the UK, with an impressive track record of serving riders nationwide for nearly 50 years. They offer technical expertise and excellent customer service while tailoring policies to meet the unique needs of each individual.

Client Requirements

As the client's business experienced rapid growth, they encountered challenges in managing the increasing volume of customer interactions. To maintain their high standard of customer experience, they sought a reliable outsourcing partner proficient in technical support, customer service, and sales. Their objective was to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline operations.

Project Challenges

The primary challenges faced by the client included efficiently handling the surge in customer inquiries and managing technical support operations. They wanted a partner who could meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Additionally, the global pandemic presented unforeseen obstacles, requiring adaptability and resilience.

The Solution

In September 2016, the client forged a partnership with us. Leveraging our extensive expertise in technical support, customer service, and sales, we developed a customized solution tailored to address their specific needs.

Our collaboration began with a team of six advisors handling outbound collections and quickly expanded to over 100 advisors proficiently managing 12 diverse lines of business. We took charge of end-to-end processes that were previously managed onshore, enabling the client's team to focus on core business functions. Our dedicated team of eight support heads, seven in operations, and one in training, ensured that we consistently exceeded SLAs, delivering a smooth and satisfying customer experience.

Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, our partnership thrived through dedication and adaptability.

The Result

Over the course of more than six years of collaboration, our outsourcing partnership with the client has grown stronger, yielding positive outcomes -

  • Enhanced Customer Experience - Our specialized support has enhanced the client's customer experience, leading to increased satisfaction and strengthened loyalty among their customers.
  • Optimized Operations - By effectively managing multiple lines of businesses and delivering outstanding customer service, we have helped the client streamline their operations and enhance overall efficiency.
  • Continuity and Resilience - Throughout challenging times, our partnership demonstrated resilience and adaptability, ensuring uninterrupted support and service excellence.

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