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BPO Platform Services for a Reputed Scouting Company

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The Customer's Business Requisite

We were approached by a reputed scouting company which operates internationally in various countries. Every month, the customer had to schedule events for over a thousand profiles. This was especially important as the customer had to successfully showcase the talent of artists in various competitive fields like Singing, Modeling, Acting, and Dancing. With an ever-burgeoning amount of events, they were encountering regular problems when it came to the scheduling of events.

With this requirement in mind, the customer asked the team at Outsource2india to design a BPO platform that would address the above requirements and allow them to ease the pressure of scheduling events.

The Project Challenges

During the course of the project, the team at Outsource2india had to overcome the following challenges -

  • Since the scouting company had a strong focus on delivery, we were required to provide meticulous training to the deployed resources in effective BPO platform management
  • Our team had to handle multiple languages and also address the culture specific requirements of the customer, which were not in sync with the BPO platform. Also, the support service team of the customer needed assistance with the BPO domain
  • We had to meet the short turnaround reach time for each contact profile (one week from the time of a scheduled event)
  • Our team had to work on this project from Monday to Friday within the timings of 9 AM to 5 PM, across multiple time zones
  • We were expected to increase the customer reach percentage, which was currently below 5%
  • The customer response percentage also had to be increased from a low level of 47%, as this was much lower than the required client SLA
  • A confirmation form had to be acquired from the parents of participants who wished to compete, but were below the age of 18

O2I's Winning Solution

After conducting a thorough evaluation of the customer's requirements, we assigned a specialized team of experts who had in-depth experience of the BPO domain to the project. We also set up a high-end support operation center, which was equipped with internet, email and voice facilities.

The following is an excerpt of our winning solution -

  • We extended the span of the support time from 8 AM to 8 PM and also introduced multiple shift manning (A twelve-hour window of 3 shifts with WFM)
  • A dedicated team worked for the customer from Monday to Sunday
  • Multiple teams who could offer multi-lingual support were deployed
  • We successfully masked the DID number to match the country's requirement
  • Throughout the course of the project, we carried out several process enhancement activities and made constant improvements. These activities were based on Lean Six Sigma methodologies and performed at the support center
  • During the peak period, when there was an excess in the number of processing requirements, the team at Outsource2india extended its support services to over 18 hours a day
  • To make the execution of the project both effective and consistent, we assigned a team of dedicated resources who would only work on the customer's project

Project Achievements

Our successful project implementation ensured we were not only able to meet the customer's targets, but also exceed it within a span of two months. We were able to achieve -

  • A drastic improvement in the turnaround reach time by 34%
  • A dramatic increase in the customer response percentage by 85% - 87%

The customer was more than satisfied with our services as we successfully resolved many other product and performance related problems that the company was encountering. On the whole, we were able to make a significant improvement to the company's overall productivity.

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Our BPO services are specially designed to not only meet your targets, but also shorten your turnaround time and increase your productivity. You can be assured of a dedicated team of experts who will work with you to meet your requirements.

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