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Outsourcing Inbound Customer Support Services to O2I

Inbound Customer Support Services

Outsourcing inbound customer services to Outsource2india is a good option as the call center industry in the country is on an upward spiral. A large pool of highly educated professionals who speak English, world class facilities and infrastructure, increasingly good telecom connectivity, and the capability to handle a range of services, are just some of the reasons why outsourcing inbound customer support to India is so popular. Outsource2india is one of the world's leading providers of offshore inbound customer services. When you choose Outsource2india as your offshore partner, you can be sure that your requirements will be met.

Why outsource inbound customer services to India?

There are a number of factors that may restrict an organization's customer support service delivery such as limited resources, high attrition rates among technical personnel or prohibitive infrastructure and labor costs. Whether it is order taking, conducting surveys, registration services, direct marketing, web customer service or technical support, outsourcing inbound customer services to India has many advantages.

What are the advantages of outsourcing inbound customer services to India?

  1. Language

    India has the second-largest English-speaking population in the world. English is the principal language for business transactions in India. India also has the call center capability for Spanish, German, French and other major languages of the world.

  2. Manpower

    India has the second largest and the fastest growing pool of technical manpower. There is high availability of educated, computer literate and English speaking customer care professionals.

  3. Reliability and Security

    The work force is highly reliable and can deliver world-class quality and ensure rapid delivery of call center services. Outsource2india is increasingly adapting to international quality and security standards and providing services to more and more countries across the globe.

Inbound call center services from Outsource2india

Phone Answering Services
Virtual Receptionist Services
Up-Selling / Cross-Selling
Claims Processing
Order Tacking Services
Interactive Voice Response Services

4. Infrastructure

  • India's satellite-based telecommunication network enables instantaneous high-speed transfer of voice and data across the globe.
  • Able to provide critical Computer Telephony Integration and Interactive Voice Response systems regardless of the customer's PABX, ACD, computer or database. They deploy the best of telecom infrastructure with various redundancies at every critical juncture to provide uptime commitments of over 99%.
  • With intelligent scripting programs, advanced learning and development teams, and Quality First processes, you may rest assured that frequently changing information is always conveyed accurately. Even advanced users can access the information they need quickly to resolve their questions - on the first inquiry.
  • Each technical support representative has direct access to the Internet to allow them to access on-line problem tracking systems, FAQs, knowledge base and account information.
  • Fast and dedicated Internet connectivity
  • State-of-the-art call center technology
  • 100% automated desks with first rate and perfect computerization.
  • 24x7support due to availability of quality manpower in multiple work timings, uninterrupted power supply owing to constant power back-up.
  • Sufficient voice and data communication systems
  • Continuous call reception due to flawless duplicated system
  • Leased fiber optic circuit from India to various destinations in the world
  • Legislative Framework
  • Highly liberal Government policies on call center operations
  • Maintains high cost-competitiveness in service sectors
  • Proactive Government - 10 year tax holiday
  • Duty free import of capital machinery and software

5. Cost Benefits

Outsource2india can provide inbound customer support services at competitive costs compared to the same services in other countries.

6. Pro-active Government

The recent IT boom and projected growth in IT enabled services has prompted the Indian Government to give a special thrust to the industry. Some of the measures taken are -

  • Reduction in prices of high-speed international private leased circuits
  • Income tax and customs exemptions for export of IT enabled services
  • Investment in state-of-the art infrastructure
  • Private internet gateways and key foreign direct investment proposals approved

"Potentially 50-80 percent of total process costs in most IT enabled services can be outsourced offshore. As much as 70 - 80 percent costs can be reduced primarily because of wage differentials. However, in order to manage operations in remote locations, expatriate management may initially be required to support the remote locations. This together with higher telecom costs could result in additional costs of 10-20 percent. Hence there could be 50-60 percent saving on out located processes." (VCare Technologies, Market Perception Memo III, July 2000).

7. Rigorous selection processes to hire best-of-breed customer support representatives

In order to provide the best possible inbound customer support to your company, inbound call centers at Outsource2india take the following skills into account while hiring -

  • Accent and conversation skills
  • Technical skills, certifications and degrees
  • Competence
  • Call center etiquette
  • Internet skills
  • Sales skills
  • Product and service domain experience

  • Planning to outsource call center services, but not sure what it costs?

Can I also outsource Technical Support to India?

Indian inbound call centers provide high-quality, cost effective, technical support 24x7. Read more on outsourcing technical support, technical support services on offer in India, and additional information.

How do I Outsource to O2I?

Would you like to outsource your inbound customer support needs to Outsource2india? Fill in the inquiry form and our Client Engagement Team will contact you within 24 hours. Read more about the different inbound call center services that can be outsourced to O2I as well as more specific information about infrastructure and technology.

Please contact Outsource2india here with your inbound call center outsourcing requirements. Start offshoring inbound customer support services today.

Read more about how outsourcing email support services to Outsource2india can help you improve your customer relationship services.

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