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Outsource2india Provided Great Customer Experience With Empathy

Case Study on Providing Great Customer Experience with Empathy

The Client

A leading US client outsourced call center services to Outsource2india.

Client's Requirement

The client was looking to enhance customer experience and better resolve customer issues and wanted empathetic customer agents who can talk well with the clients and understand their concerns.

Client's Challenges

The client found it challenging to train their call center agents to empathize with their customers to better serve them and enhance the customer experience.

O2I's Solution

We trained our agents on how to better empathize with the customers to better understand their pain points and to more quickly resolve their issues. To better understand customers, we trained our agents in the following skills -

  • Listening
  • Thinking and Feeling
  • Speaking and Executing

Our approach to using empathy to resolve customer issues fostered better connections and converted customers into brand loyalists.

As part of our empathy training, we trained our agents to -

  • Maintain a positive intent and language
  • Get into the customers' shoes
  • Pay close attention to the tone of the customer
  • Provide an early response
  • Personalize the response

The agents ere also taught to use standard phrases of empathy like -

  • "I am with you on that"
  • "You are absolutely correct"
  • "I understand where you are coming from"

The Result

Our focus on using empathy to enhance customer experience and resolve their issues paid off. Our customer was extremely satisfied with the way our call center agents interacted, and the agents, in turn, were better able to grasp the customers' pain points and provide personalized solutions.

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Outsource2india is a leading provider of call center solutions, including inbound, outbound, telemarketing, and lead generation services. Our agents go through rigorous training, including on empathy, to help them better resolve customers' issues. Our agents are proficient in using all the latest call center tools and technologies to provide unparalleled services.

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