Outsource Real Estate Video Tour Services

Outsource Real Estate Video Tour Services

If you are looking to create unique real estate video tours that highlight the core aspects of your property or want to add motion graphics and animation, digital editing, color correction, format conversion etc., to existing real estate videos, opt for Outsource2india (O2I).

At Outsource2india (O2I), we aid real estate companies, brokers, and agents with attractive real estate videos that help to market properties and attract potential buyers. From editing raw video footage to creating virtual tours, O2I is the perfect choice for your real estate video editing needs.

Our Professional Real Estate Video Tour Services

At O2I, our experienced video editing team is adept at creating specialized real estate video tours for diverse needs. We help you realize the power, reach, and popularity of your real estate videos, and effectively market properties globally. Our 24/6 real estate video tour services include -

  • Real Estate Video Tours

    At O2I, we create real estate videos from raw footage shot by our clients and add graphics, voice-over narration, and music. From 30 second capsules for listings to full-fledged 20 minute videos for exquisite properties, our video tours cater to any requirement and serve to entice prospective buyers.

  • Real Estate Virtual Video Tours

    Our virtual tours differs from video tours in that our virtual tour adds perspective and dimension with "stitched photos" and "photo albums" very similar to a video tour. Multiple images are stitched and mapped to floor plans to give a walkthrough effect to your property.

O2I's Real Estate Video Tours Process Flow

With online property purchases becoming more lucrative, our virtual real estate video tours serve as the perfect marketing weapon of choice. Our real estate video tours ensure you reach out to a larger market base for your property listings and services. Creative professionals at O2I adhere to the following steps when creating real estate video tours -

Client Discussion  

01. Client Discussion

O2I Business Development Manager conducts discussion with client to identify real estate video tour requirement.

Input Transfer  

02. Input Transfer

Client transfers real estate images in JPEG format or raw real estate video footage via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Dropbox.

Job Allocation  

03. Job Allocation

Input received from the client is assigned to O2I's video editing professionals.

Video Tour Creation  

04. Video Tour Creation

Real estate video tour created from raw footage or existing video edited with Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and more. At this stage graphics and music are embellished into the video.


05. Trial (if requested)

Video snippet shared with client via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Dropbox.

Quality Check  

06. Quality Check

The Quality Assessment (QA) performs quality checks to ensure that all project guidelines are met and the edited videos meet quality benchmarks.


07. Delivery

Final output transferred to client via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Dropbox in an AVI, MP4 or MPEG format.

Why Should You Create Real Estate Video Tours?

Creating real estate video tours can help your business in more ways than one. Here are few reasons to create video tours for your property:


your business ROI


online visitor to potential conversion increases 3X


your visitors on the website longer


visibility to international clientele


internet traffic and search engine results


marketing cost and improve visibility


trust factor, with interviews and real life stories


your agent / property


buyers on location, furnishings, fit and finish

Team at Outsource2india can help you avail the above mentioned benefits and stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the latest in technology. Some of our technical strengths include: Edius Pro, FCP (Apple Final Cut Pro), Adobe premiere CS6, etc.

Benefits of Outsourcing Real Estate Video Tours to O2I

With O2I you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors without additional investment in technology or resources. We help you create videos that appeal to potential real estate buyers at the most affordable costs. The benefits of partnering with O2I include -

  • Video Editing Professionals - Video editors at O2I have a minimum of 2 years' experience in video editing and ensure that you receive high quality real estate videos.
  • Better Online Presence - Ensure an increase in online visitors, conversion rates, retention rates and more with captivating real estate video tours.
  • Better Real Estate Marketing - Promote your commercial or residential property with virtual tours that showcase your property effectively and in the best light.
  • Swift Delivery - At O2I, we handle any volume without delays in turnaround time. We also provide an overnight turnaround to clients working on a tight schedule.
  • Quality Standards - At O2I, our Quality Assessment (QA) team performs multiple quality checks. We also adhere to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and ISO quality guidelines for every project.
  • Experienced Outsourcing Partner - When you partner with O2I, you gain an outsourcing partner with more than two decades of industry experience, competitive rates, domain knowledge, and the ability to successfully deliver edited videos in the stipulated time frame.
  • Data Security - At O2I, we ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your files. We sign confidentiality agreements with our clients and offer secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and more. Additionally, we maintain backup of all source files and edited files for easy recovery in case of data loss.

Opt for O2I's Real Estate Video Tour Creation Services

At O2I, we assist with professional and appealing real estate video tours. Contact us to know more about our aesthetically appealing real estate video tours. Partner with O2I today and ensure you present an effective view of your real estate properties to prospective clients.

To outsource real estate image processing services call or email O2I. Tell our professionals your requirement and get a free quote within one business day.

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