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Outsource Real Estate Video Tour Services

Outsource Real Estate Video Tour Services

The dynamic nature of the real estate industry has led realtors to realize the power, reach, and popularity of real estate videos. Many real estate companies globally use real estate videos to market their properties. You can be sure of a competitive edge for your property if a slick video that appeals to the senses of a potential buyer is on your marketing arsenal.

The challenge in getting videographers, editors and concepts is immense, really High costs for video editing services in the U.S., Europe, and Australia have led real estate agencies in these countries to outsource their requirements to offshore agencies. At Outsource2india (O2I), we understand the need for attractive real estate videos that can help real estate companies, brokers, agents, and advertising companies to market their properties in a unique way that attracts potential buyers. From editing raw video footage to creating virtual tours, O2I is the perfect choice for your real estate video editing needs.

Our Service Portfolio

Our experienced video editing team is adept at creating specialized Real Estate Video Tours for diverse needs. Here is the list of services we offer -

  • Real Estate Video Tours

    Real estate videos can help you close a deal and entice prospective buyers as it exhibits a promoter who is willing to do much more than just hang a sign outside a property and wait. We create real estate videos from raw footage shot by the clients and edit those with graphics, voice-over narration, and music. From 30 sec capsules for listings to full-fledged 20 minute videos for exquisite properties, our video tours are bespoke to meet target expectations. We use local flavor in choice of music and graphics to ensure seamless integration in local communities.

  • Real Estate Virtual Video Tours

    A virtual tour isn't the same as a video tour. A virtual tour sometimes add perspective and dimension with "stitched photos" and "photo albums" similar to a video tour. Multiple images are stitched and mapped to floor plans to give a walkthrough effect for your property. With current global trends of search and purchasing property online, virtual tours become your marketing weapon of choice. Slick presentations ensure you reach out to a larger market base for your listings and services. Connect with O2I and get that extra advantage over your competitors without investing in any special equipment or resources; Just a set of beautiful pictures of the property and we are good to go!

  • Video Brochure Editing Services

    At O2I, we offer complete video brochure editing services for your company — we do a full 3600 service offering by reviewing current print brochures and recreate the magic on video using normal property footage. Our video editing team can edit footage, create animations, compile latest information related to your brochure via research, add infographics, edit audio, add client interviews, etc. to help you get a completed customized video brochure. We also work closely with your advertising agencies and marketing teams to reduce cost and time significantly. Contact us to transform your raw footage to a slick marketing tool- A perfect Video Brochure.

Real Estate Video Tours Process Flow at Outsource2india

1. Pre-edit review

Discussion to ensure video footage is generated based on agreed story boards and correct music and voice over selections as needed.

2. Input Transfer

share FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or cloud based file transfer details with our clients for video file transfer.

3. Footage review

The raw footage received from the client are assigned to the video editing team with clear instructions about the client's requirements and review.

4. Rough cuts

Using video editing and animation software such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Edius Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects the video editors at O2I edit the real estate videos as per the design briefs.

5. Final edits

After review by Senior editors, the final edits and graphics and music are embellished into the video.

6. Quality Check

The Quality Assessment (QA) performs quality checks to ensure that all project guidelines are met and the edited videos meet quality benchmarks.

7. Delivery

The edited videos are shared with the client via FTP or any other transfer method preferred by the client.

Why Should You Create Real Estate Video Tours?

Creating real estate video tours can help your business in more ways than one. Here are few reasons to create video tours for your property:


your business ROI.


online visitor to potential conversion increases 3X


your visitors on the website longer


visibility to international clientele


internet traffic and search engine results


marketing cost and improve visibility


trust factor, with interviews and real life stories


your agent / property


buyers on location, furnishings, fit and finish.

Team at Outsource2india can help you avail the above mentioned benefits and stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the latest in technology. Some of our technical strengths include: Edius Pro, FCP (Apple Final Cut Pro), Adobe premiere CS6, etc.

Benefits of Outsourcing Real Estate Video Tours to O2I

  • Expert Real Estate Video Editing Professionals

    The video editors at O2I have a minimum of 5 years' experience in video editing that makes them experts in their respective field. Equipped with high-resolution monitors and the ability to work on both MAC and Windows PCs, the video editors at O2I ensure that you receive high quality real estate videos.

  • Swift Delivery

    Our multiple delivery centers provide the leverage to handle large volume requirements without delay in the turnaround time. We also provide overnight turnaround to clients who are working on tight schedule.

  • Quality Standards

    At O2I, we ensure that you receive high quality and appealing real estate videos that can attract the attention of potential buyers. Our Quality Assessment (QA) team performs multiple quality checks to ensure that the video editing team adheres to the guidelines mentioned in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the edited videos meet the client's expected benchmark.

  • Licensed Software

    The video editing team at O2I use licensed software to ensure legal compliance. We use the latest video editing software and provide regular training to the team to ensure they remain updated with the latest software and technology.

  • Guaranteed Connectivity

    We utilize 50mbps Internet T1 lines from multiple service providers to ensure seamless communication with our clients.

  • Stable Partnership

    By partnering with O2I, you gain an outsourcing partner with more than 19 years’ industry experience, competitive rates, domain knowledge, and the ability to successfully deliver edited videos in the stipulated time frame.

  • Data Security

    We give high priority to data security and ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your files. We sign confidentiality agreements with our clients that assure them of our data safety measures. Additionally, we maintain backup of all source files and edited files for easy recovery in case of data loss.

Outsource Real Estate Video Tours to O2I Now!

Outsource real estate video tours to Outsource2india to get professional and appealing full-motion real estate video tours with an engaging style and superior aesthetic appeal. Our in-depth tours highlight the core aspects of your property and add features like motion graphics and animation, digital editing, color correction, format conversion etc. to your videos.

With custom voice overs and internet ready/high quality HD videos, we ensure that you present an effective view of your properties to your prospective clients. Over 50 Real Estate companies and brokers use outsource2india's video tours and real estate image processing services globally and their advantage can now be yours.

Contact us to know more about our real estate video tours.

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