Video Editing Services

Video Editing Services

Our professional edited videos encourage views to complete the sales cycle. We keep your viewers hooked with stunning simulations and effects

Are you struggling to feature corporate objectives in a manner that aptly reflects your brand persona? We intertwine our video editing services with your digital strategy to support your business goals. Our services help businesses strengthen their social media presence, enhance consumer relationships, improve SERP rankings, and increase their conversion ratio.

We have more than two decades of experience editing product videos with premier video editing software. Our qualified video editors deliver top-notch services to individuals, production houses, and businesses of all sizes. Reach out to us for professional videos customized to suit your specific needs.

Our Professional Video Editing Services

We make each video category stand out with our unique approach and world-class infrastructure. Our professional video editing services include -

  • Real Estate Video Editing

    Real Estate Video Editing

    We have over two decades of real estate video editing experience. We help clients showcase properties and make them stand out in the online space. Our premium videos generate the best traction on social media platforms.

  • Real Estate Drone Video Editing

    Real Estate Drone Video Editing

    Our ariel drone photographs help real estate dealers and brokers provide a wholesome property tour to their prospects. We edit your raw footage to design professional and sophisticated project walkthroughs.

  • GoPro Video Editing Services

    GoPro Video Editing Services

    We merge videos, standardize formats, re-arrange footage, edit out unwanted content, and sequence shots to ensure that the videos are robust and have a professional look.

  • Wedding Video Editing

    Wedding Video Editing

    Wedding videographers have an immense responsibility to capture memorable shots of the ceremony. We step in as flexible business partners to ensure that you provide top-notch and timely services to your clients.

  • Explainer Video Creation

    Explainer Video Creation

    Neatly amalgamated product explainer videos are crucial for businesses; they take your lead generation results to the next level. Leverage our services to create user-friendly videos that resonate with your audience.

  • MP4 Video Editing Services

    MP4 Video Editing Services

    Our MP4 video editing services include video footage sequencing, merging video, standardizing video formats, and removing unwanted or distracting elements. We integrate your footage into neat and aesthetically pleasing outputs.

  • YouTube Video Editing Services

    YouTube Video Editing Services

    Our editors merge videos, standardize formats, re-arrange footage, and edit unwanted clips. We ensure that your YouTube video has no glitches and is well-liked by your viewers.

  • 360° Video Editing Services

    360° Video Editing Services

    If you are in the real estate business or run a guide service, 360° videos should be your go-to strategy. It will provide your potential customers with an immersive virtual experience of your services.

  • Sports Video Editing Services

    Sports Video Editing Services

    Sports events like swimming or squash require meticulous stabilization to ensure quality videos. As a part of our sports video editing services, we offer customized services to meet your requirements.

  • Drone Video Editing Services

    Drone Video Editing Services

    Our drone video editing services include shots-sequencing, removing undesired footage, ariel footage stabilization, color correction, and more. Reach out to our experts today for comprehensive solutions at cost-effective rates.

  • Medical Video Editing Services

    Medical Video Editing Services

    Our healthcare video production team has helped some of the most prominent global organizations to powerfully communicate their messages. We have created hundreds of films to help engage, educate, and inspire the masses.

  • Product Video Editing Services

    Product Video Editing Services

    Our product video editing services help generate buzz on social media about your new launches. Leverage our services to direct more traffic to your site and boost business revenue.

  • Vlog Video Editing Services

    Vlog Video Editing Services

    Our Vlog video editing services turn your raw footage into beautiful and interactive videos for your followers. We use the latest and best vlog video editing tools and technologies to produce the desired outcomes.

Additional Services -

 Client Testimonial Videos
 Corporate Presentations for Online Use
 Educational Videos
 TV Commercials
 Picture to Video Editing Services
 Sales Pitch Video Editing Services
 YouTube Monitoring Services
 Film Re-editing Services
 Virtual Reality Post-Production Services
 3D Explainer Video Production Services
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 Event Videos
 Short Films
 Training Videos
 Video Cropping
 Video Trimming
 Corporate Videos
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 Home Video Editing
 Family Video Editing
 Holiday Video Editing

Online Video Editing Services

We edit unwanted portions from videos and juxtapose the required shots to establish a definite meaning and storyline. We arrange the video shots into neat sequences and embellish them with background music and special effects. Our online video editing services include -

  • Basic Editing

    • Removing unwanted video footage
    • Format conversion
    • Merging and rearranging sequences
  • Effects and Enrichments

    • Sound effects
    • Sub-titling or adding text
    • Voice-over
    • Noise reduction
    • Animation
    • 2D & 3D effects
  • Recovery and Enhancements

    • VHS tape recovery
    • Video up-scaling
    • Colour enhancement
    • Distortion removal

Our Video Editing Process Flow

Our video editors leverage the latest tools and follow a process flow that includes the following steps -

Statement of Work  

01. Statement of Work

Video-cutting requirements are discussed with our business development managers and the Scope of Work (SOW) is finalized (including timeframes, cost, resources, etc.).


02. Input

The client transfers video footage via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Dropbox.

Video Editing  

03. Video Snipping

Video editors edit footage with Adobe Premiere Pro, Edius Pro, and Final Cut Pro X.

Review and Edits  

04. Review and Edits

The first draft is reviewed by the client, the edits (if any) are carried out, and the final design is sent for approval.


05. Approval

Client approval is obtained, and final designs are uploaded to the client via the File Transfer Protocol or Dropbox.

Design Software We Use

Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects Final Cut Pro

Why Choose Us as Your Professional Video Editing Company?

Our video editing solutions get you noticed; we leverage the best-in-class tools and software to provide quality outcomes. Partner with us now to explore the following benefits -

  • Short Deadlines

    Our timelines depend on project complexity, and the deadline may vary depending on the quality and duration of the footage provided by the client. We ensure that the finished product is delivered well within the scheduled delivery time.

  • Quality Processes

    We adhere to strict ISO standards, ensuring quality deliverables for every client within the project guidelines and timeframes.

  • Quality Checks

    We perform quality checks at every stage of the video snipping process to ensure guidelines are met and work with the client to review and maintain the requirements through the completion of a project.

  • Customized Pricing

    We align our pricing to fit the project and overall budget with options for hourly rates, per-project rates, and FTE (full-time equivalent) rates.

  • Exceptional Data Security

    Data security is a primary concern for O2I. We use Virtual Private Network (VPN) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to ensure.

Additional Creative Services We Offer

Graphic Design Services

Communicate emphatically with your target audience with our graphic design services. Strengthen your brand value and increase viewer interaction with quality visuals.

Animation Services

Our offerings include 2D and 3D animation, 3D rendering, visual effects, animation for feature films, animatics, and other services.

Audio Editing Services

Remove discrepancies, awkward pauses, unwanted background sounds, and repetitive sentences and recreate every file in your desired format.

Artwork Services

Create exceptional artwork that helps you develop and publish extraordinary visuals that helps you stand out from the rest.

Storyboard Services

Break down shots in the filmmaking process with ease. Explain your ideas effectively with your team members and stakeholders.

Illustration Services

Explain complex ideas and concepts with our professional illustration services that help you thrive in competitive environments.

Customer Success Stories

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Director - Operations,
Leading Pharmaceutical Company in Netherlands.
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Looking for ways to make raw footage into trim, neat, and sequenced video? Our video editing team help emerging business owners achieve the intended output. We take time to understand your precise video footage editing requirements and deliver tailored solutions. By outsourcing to us, you can leverage the following benefits -

  • Take video editing to the next level
  • Ensure you stand out from your competitors
  • Offer customized pricing and 100% data security
  • Allocate dedicated SPOCs to each client
  • Provide absolute transparency about deadlines and pricing options

If you are looking to outsource video editing services, reach out to us today!

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