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Real estate videos provide a lifelike, realistic view of a property to prospective buyers and showcase its entire layout from start to finish. However, some amount of editing is required to make these videos serve their purpose. Perfectly edited real estate videos let realtors add unique and distinctive facts about their property while featuring it with sound and narration. This makes video editing services for real estate a great option. Besides, with the growing competition among realtors, video editing for real estate industry is gaining immense popularity.

The time and cost associated with real estate video editing might make realtors reconsider this service. However, by outsourcing it to a professional video editing company like Outsource2india, you can get your videos edited quickly at an affordable rate.

Comprehensive Real Estate Video Editing Services

At Outsource2india, we understand that video editing for real estate business should be of high standard. We also understand the importance of quick turnaround and hence edit approximately 3 videos within 24 hours, but this deadline may vary with the raw footage's quality and duration. Only then a video tour will be able to impress the prospective buyers. We have everything in place to convert a raw real estate footage into a spectacular video. Our real estate video editing services include -

  1. Shot Sequencing

    At times, shots might not be properly sequenced in the raw footage provided by the client. So, our team of video editors will appropriately sequence the shots in the footage to make a compelling property video.

  2. Removal of Unwanted Footage

    Amateur property videos, at times, capture areas which do not showcase the property in its full glory. Besides, there could be some extra minutes in the video, which might not add any value. We will remove such extra minutes, unclear shots or unwanted footage from your videos, making them look perfect.

  3. Stabilizing Shaky Footages

    While shifting from one point to another while shooting the property video, the footage might become shaky. Such shaky footages can be stabilized and cleaned up before completion to ensure a clear and stable video tour of the property.

  4. Background Noise Removal

    Unwanted background noise is a common problem associated with raw footages. These unwanted noises can be caused by wind, traffic, or from any other source. We will remove such noises before processing your videos to add precision to your videos.

  5. Enhancements and Recovery

    If you have a video clip in a legacy format, such as VHS, or a distorted video data, you no longer should worry about it. We have advanced video enhancement and recovery services in place for your rescue. Our video editors will efficiently carry out distortion removal, video up-scaling, and VHS tape recovery.

  6. Defective Pixel Correction

    If the camera used to capture the real estate video has defective pixels, it hinders the video quality. We can correct such flaws in the video and provide a pristine final video. This type of video editing for real estate industry is now becoming popular.

  7. Color Corrections and Adjustments

    At times, even if the video is well-shot, there could be some points where the surrounding areas appear dull. This impacts the overall video quality as the actual highlight of the property might not get showcased. In such cases, we will clean up the video and highlight all the key features of the property.

  8. Effects and Enrichments

    Even if the video looks fine, enhancing it further can help you present your property better. So, if you want us to add some special effects, highlight a particular part of the property, add sounds or subtitles, we can do it for you. Besides, we can also add music tracks and special sounds, if needed.

Real estate video marketing is now becoming a trend. Besides, the benefits associated with real estate video creation are numerous. Therefore, by making us as your partner you can be sure about getting the best possible real estate video editing services. We also offer a variety of other high-quality video editing services including real estate drone video editing services.

Why Should You Outsource Real Estate Video Editing to O2I?

We have the capability to edit all your real estate videos and transform them into professional and appealing videos. Our editing experts will highlight all the core aspects of your property and make it sales ready. By choosing us for video editing, you can enjoy the following benefits -

  • Expert Video Editing Team

    We have a team of well-experienced video editing team of experts, who have worked with different video formats. Our video editors will first understand the requirements of the client and then edit the video in a format of your preference. They will precisely focus on the promising aspects of your property and ensure that you get a stunning video.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    We have high-resolution monitors and advanced PCs, including MAC and Windows, for optimal editing. Besides, the high-speed Internet with fast bandwidth for quicker file transfers.

  • Adherence to Quality Standards

    We strictly adhere to ISO quality standards, with multiple quality checks being performed at every stage of your project. This ensures that the edited videos are of highest possible quality.

  • Latest Software

    All the members of our video editing team work on the most recent versions of the video editing software. These include Final Cut Pro, Edius Pro and Premier Pro among others. Additionally, we can edit your videos on any software of your choice.

  • Utmost Data Security

    We take utmost care when it comes to data security. Using VPN and FTP for all file transfers, we also take backups of all the source files and the edited versions. This ensures easy data retrieval in case of information loss.

  • Quick Delivery

    Based on the scope, complexity, and size of the project, we complete your projects in the shortest time possible. Having multiple delivery centers, we are equipped to complete editing your videos within the stipulated time.

During our tenure, we have carried out successful video editing for realtors as well as individuals who look forward to promoting their properties through videos.

Get Your Real Estate Videos Edited with Perfection

At Outsource2india, we understand the importance of property presentation to the prospective clients. Therefore, we provide premium quality services of video editing for real estate brokers. We efficiently edit real estate videos to make them look impressive. Our video editing team will ensure that all the right features of your property get highlighted. Being in the industry for over 19 years, we offer exceptional services at highly affordable rates.

Maintaining 98% accuracy and quick turnaround time, we have the required infrastructure, domain expertise and skilled video editing team to provide reliable video editing for real estate agents. So, if you want top-quality videos, just get in touch with us to outsource your real estate video editing services.

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