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Outsource Retail Space Drafting & Design

Retail Space Drafting & Design Services

Though the internet is swiftly changing the retailing topography traditional store-based retailers have exceled. The ability to see, touch and try merchandise, can work to their advantage and can maximize profits, increase impulsive buying, reduce inventory investment. Store-based retailers can leverage on multichannel advantage and give customers personalized service. To increase competitive advantage, global retailers need efficient retail space and design strategy to consolidate financial and operational activities.

Outsource2india is a leading provider of retail space and retail space design solutions. Our experienced drafting team has worked with some global retail chains and can provide a comprehensive plan for an existing building, or develop a retail space design for a new store according to the specified requirements. From developing construction documents to liaising with architects and ensuring compliance with all local and national codes and regulations, we simplify the entire drafting process, ensuring fast execution and substantial cost-savings.

Our Services

  1. Store Space Drafting Services

    Our store space drafting services are ideal for clients who need to determine an efficient store layout by matching their merchandise strategies, as per the consumers shopping preferences. We provide exceptional drafts for retail stores and review an existing plan for aesthetics and functional efficiency.

    Our drafting services for retail store spaces include the following -

    • Store Concept
    • Floor Design & Fixture
    • Electrical and Lighting
    • Customized Color and Material Matching
  2. Retail Space Design Services

    We provide exceptional drafting services to global retail planners, design retail stores, entertainment and leisure centers, experience centers, etc. Our space designers and drafters have significant cross-domain knowledge and leverage their experience to integrate business and retail under a common brand proposition with distinct visual characteristics. Our service offerings include -

    • Zoning, Space Design, and Layout Design
    • Interior Design, Graphics and Visual Branding
    • POS Displays and Locations
    • Design Detailing and Seasonal Roll-outs
  3. Commodity Planning

    Our retail drafting experts scrutinize existing blueprints, or create new ones based on the floor plan of a store to effectively execute merchandise layouts. This ensures the best use of space and enhances the customers' shopping experience, while maximizing ROI. Our service offerings include -

    • Merchandise Financial Estimations
    • Pricing and Promotional Displays
    • Assigning Space to merchandise based on customer interest, popularity, etc.
    • Markdown and Clearance Strategies
  4. Consultancy Services

    Our consultancy services leverage our experience of 19 years in retail space and we ensure the best practices for retail design and drafting are followed. As part of our consultancy services, we actively support channel growth, profitability and organized business expansion.

  5. Complete Project Management Services

    At O2I, we understand that designing a new store plan, refitting an older one, or merchandise drafting can be a stressful job because of the amount of details and technical specifications involved. Our highly-experienced project managers ensure that the retail design project not only adheres to strict deadlines, but also communicate daily with complete status updates.

    • Timely communication with detailed documentation on job progress
    • Communicating with architects, interior designers for corrections and changes etc.
  6. 3D Space Modeling Services

    At Outsource2india, we provide comprehensive 2D retail space drafting as per the customer's requirements, but can also turn it into a detailed 3D space rendering where the customer can visualize the whole retail space plan. With the help of our 3D space renders, wall textures, color schemes etc. are in life-like conditions, where modifications are possible before the design goes in for the production drawing. Our 3D renders not only save scale modeling costs, but also ensure all modifications if required, are made on time.

O2I's Retail Space Planning Process

After working with global organizations, we have been able to define a set procedure for retail space design and planning. Our process can be divided into 3 broad categories


Project Scope & Plan

  • Receive input files - images, instructions, templates, etc.
  • Allocate Supervisor - ensure files are downloaded
  • Brief Project team
  • Decide on TAT
  • Allocate Resources for the project

Project Execution

  • Execute using required software - AutoCAD, REVIT etc.
  • Monitor project steps in real-time
  • Complete project and move for QC
  • Perform thorough quality check based on project scope
  • Compare to the final delivery
  • Review of final by customer
  • Implement Feedback
  • Conduct Final QC

Project QC & Delivery

  • Review by Project Manager - completes 1:20 reviews
  • Upload files to secure FTP server/Client server
  • Document all corrections made during QC
  • Fine tune QC process for the next level of projects

Why Outsource Retail Space Management to O2I?

Our efficient drafting services for retail space planners are always up-to-date with the evolving retail trends. Many global clients consider our services to be one of the best in the business and to maximize the potential of a retail store and offer customers' a proper shopping experience.

Some of our key differentiators include -

  • Extensive Experience - We have 19 years of work, which includes designing and drafting retail spaces of over 2 million sq.ft. in the USA and over a million sq.ft. across Europe and UK
  • Global Exposure - Our resources are adequately trained and acquainted with building codes and brand guidelines for top retail establishments in the US, UK, APAC and European regions
  • Talented and Experienced Drafters - Each drafter we employ has more than 500 hours of experience in designing retail space plans for restaurants, hotels, jewelry stores, banks, super markets, pharmacies etc.
  • Scalability - We can operate both as a small team structure of 2 design/draftsmen combination and as a large team of 40 draftsmen to serve regular or quick turnaround jobs, and scale them as per need from our global delivery centers
  • Up-to-date Knowledge - Our drafters are familiar with BIM, and updated on other software that supports RSP including AutoCAD, REVIT etc.
  • Cost-effectiveness - Our solutions are most competitively priced and delivered at a faster TAT

Benefits of Outsourcing Retail Space Design and Drafting to O2I

With Outsource2india's efficient services for retail space drafting and designing, clients have access to a large, talented pool of skilled engineers and drafters. We have extensive experience in working for clients ranging from major supermarkets to small boutiques and fast food chains. This ensures highly accurate drafts of retail space plans that match with business requirements. Some of the benefits of outsourcing to us include -

  • One-stop-shop for all retail space needs - from creating initial 2D drawings from rough sketches and photos, to creating 3D model for space design and final production drawings
  • Services to suit every business requirement which are flexible and easy to execute
  • Experience, knowledge and flair for retail space drafting and design
  • Expertise in using the latest software for retail store space
  • Tremendous saving on time and cost by outsourcing

Partner with Outsource2india for Efficient & Cost-Effective Retail Space Drafting

At Outsource2india, we work closely with the space planning team to understand business requirements. Based on a thorough understanding of business objectives, we provide an economical retail space draft and design that will suit all the legal and location requirements. Choose Outsource2india as a retail space design and drafting partner, to get access to accurate retail space drawings that can enhance your business revenue. Fill in our contact us form with the required details and we will get in touch within 24 hours.

Read this case study to find out how effective our retail space planning and design services have proved to be for an internationally renowned client. Get in touch with us to outsource retail space design and retail space drafting services to Outsource2india. Our engineers will be more than happy to showcase our work portfolio spanning over a decade.

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Outsource2india has often demonstrated the breadth and depth of its retail space planning and design capabilities, competing with international design firms to bag prestigious and demanding clients. Here are just 2 examples of the services that we provided to these Fortune 500 clients:

uk UK Supermarket Chain
  • Retail space planning
  • Fixture planning
  • Super-size, Warehouse & Mini floor concepts
  • Store plans for over 80 supermarket locations
us Major US Fast Food Chain
  • Concept layouts
  • Space planning
  • Construction Documents (CDs)
  • Location- and Store-specific plans
  • Designing over 100 restaurants for the chain
  • Direct coordination of CD sets with client's architects

Our Clients

  • Alcon
  • Redwood E-Learning Systems
    Yale School of Management
  • Loomis
    Data Infinity
    Auto MiddleEast
  • Camnet
  • Eraid
    Financial Planning Association of Australia
  • International Career Institute
    Carole Holding
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