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Outsource 3D Rendering & 3D Walkthrough Services

Outsource2india is one of India's leading providers of 3D architectural rendering, modeling and walkthroughs. We have years of expertise in the field of 3D rendering and can change or create interiors with interactive photorealistic 3D model architecture. We offer customers with services that range across exterior design, interior design and architectural modeling. With us as your vendor, you can get access to quality 3D exterior and interior architectural renderings.

The team at Outsource2india is made up of experienced and skilled 3D rendering animators and designers who have successfully met the requirements of several global customers. Our guaranteed efficiency, accurate services, quick turnaround time, cost-effective prices and process-driven approach sets us apart from other 3D rendering vendors.

3D Architectural Rendering & 3D Walkthrough Services

We can create detailed 3 dimensional models and provide you with photo-realistic rendering and modeling.

3D architectural modeling & rendering

Even though a building is not built, we can help you visualize how a building will look with high quality 3D architectural rendering and 3D model architecture. The 3D model architecture images that we create include in-depth details with regards to rendering, modeling and texturing. We can also create 3D models with the impact of shadows, sunlight or artificial light.

We have experience in providing 3D model architecture services for commercial buildings, architectural renderings, residential buildings, industrial buildings, exterior views of any type of building, interior views of buildings, modular/custom furniture, engineering low poly modeling, landscape designing and photomontage amongst others. Choose Outsource2india as your vendor for 3D architecture and rendering and get access to visually appealing 3D images.

Rapid Prototyping Modeling

We have an outstanding global experience in the field of rapid prototyping. Using the latest in prototyping technology and 3D CAD software, we convert virtual drawings to cross sections and subsequently functional or non-functional models of end-products in matter of days. By outsourcing your rapid prototyping needs, you eliminate fixed costs of prototyping equipment, and reduce expenditure on labor and facilities.

Software used for architectural rendering and modeling:

  • 3D Max 13
  • AutoCAD 2013
  • Photoshop CS6
  • V-Ray 2.0
  • MAYA 2013
  • Sketchup
  • Rhino
  • Cinema 4D

3D animation & walkthrough

Outsource2india is a leading provider of 3D animation and walkthrough designs. If you opt for an animation, you can easily use it for your presentation. We can capture your product design from all angles and in motion and then make an animation that will demonstrate how a product will look and perform.

Our walkthroughs can offer you a view from any angle and also add a photo-realistic dimension to a constructed space. Our walkthroughs can display landscaping, interior lighting, natural lighting, the materials to be used and moving objects.

All you have to do is tell us your concepts and ideas and we will convert them into the animation or walkthrough that you require.

Our areas of specialization include:

  • Exterior/interior walkthroughs
  • Conceptual walkthroughs
  • Product animation
  • Product presentation
  • Assembly animation

Software used for walkthroughs and animation:

  • Photoshop CS6
  • Flash 8
  • 3D Max 9
  • AutoCAD 2007
  • Premier Pro

Partner with Outsource2india for 3D architectural rendering

Outsource2india has expertise in photo realistic visualization, 3D architectural modeling and 3D architectural rendering. If you want to make your architectural sales presentations a success, you would require a 3D representation of your architectural ideas. 3D rendering can make your ideas come to life.

With an effective 3D rendering, your prospective customer will have a better idea of what he is going to buy. A 3D rendering is also a great way to communicate your ideas and concepts to your customer.

At Outsource2india, we can effortlessly convert your free hand sketches and CAD drawings into 3D architectural renderings that are photorealistic. We have a team of skilled architects and graphic designers who can create a captivating 3D rendering within a short turnaround time.

We have provided 3D rendering services to several builders, architects, developers, interior designers and contractors amongst others. With Outsource2india as your partner, your customer, design board or planning committee can visualize your project before it is even built. You can also make huge savings on cost and at the same time impress your customer.

Benefits of outsourcing 3D rendering & 3D walkthroughs to O2I

  • A sharp reduction in costs
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Cost-effective services with no compromise on quality
  • Complete security of data

Read this case study to find out how a leading US based interior design firm secured our 2D drafting and 3D rendering services, which in turn allowed them save more than 50% in costs.

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