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Outsourcing Architectural Services

Architectural and engineering firms, design consultants, architects, real estate firms and property developers have discovered the value of outsourcing architectural services - added value to their customers through specialized architectural services, technical expertise, high quality standards, reduced costs and quicker turnaround time. At O2I, we assist you with the architectural services, presentation and workflow of your architectural services projects, landscape and interior design, with services that address your specific needs.

Architectural Services

  1. Commercial Architecture Services

    Outsource2india is regularly commissioned to undertake architectural work for corporate clients. Our client list includes Banks, Retail establishments, Office and Corporate developments.

  2. Residential and Domestic Architectural Services

    Outsource2india can also help you with your domestic/residential architectural services requirements. We design new housing developments and individual houses as well as designing and managing alterations and extension projects.

  3. Space Planning

    Get new ideas from O2I on utilizing space efficiently and creatively, with the technical knowledge and innovative insights of our engineers and architects.

Outsource Architectural Services

If reducing your architectural services costs is on the agenda, then a good option would be to consider outsourcing some of these repetitive, labor intensive processes. Cost effective quality work by professionals has made O2I one of the most popular outsourcing locations. In the field of architectural services there is a wealth of expertise available with quality results at competitive rates. We can cater to your outsourcing needs in the architectural services field and also that of other engineering and design professions.

Outsourcing Architectural Services - Which part of the design process can be outsourced?

There are several architectural services processes that can be outsourced to India. Professionals with the requisite knowledge and expertise provide quality results for processes ranging from CAD Conversion Services, Outsourcing CAD Services, paper conversion to digital format to creating 3D models of a structure. Here are some of the design phases that you can outsource to India.

  • Automated Mapping and Facilities Management (AM/FM)
  • Conversion of blue prints, terrain maps
  • Layering
  • Conversion services
  • Space Planning
  • Digitization
  • 3D Rendering and Virtual Room Design

Take your business to new heights. Outsource your architectural services to India
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