Case Study on Accounts Receivables Management & Medical Billing

Case study on Accounts Receivables Management and Medical Billing

The Customer:

An Urgent Care practice in Maryland.

The Challenge:

O2I was initially approached by the clinic to take care of Account Receivables Management. The client was also facing a problem on the billing side like:

  • The billing was not completed within 24 hours
  • Steep Decrease in collections
  • Poor quality of work done by in-house billers

The Client wanted to hand over the billing side to us in 2 months if he gets satisfied with our ability on the AR Management (we did a good job and the owner of the clinic handed over the billing part as promised).

We had to use a new software namely AdvancedMD for carrying out the operations. We got cross-trained over phone on the practice management software.

The Project:

  • To provide Full Service Billing.
  • To handle average of 700 claims every month

The Solution:

The following measures were taken to improve collections and productivity:

  • A dedicated Account Manager and Team were deputed to handle the clients account
  • The team consisted of full time employees for medical billing, medical coding and an AR expert
  • Evolved a medical billing process and an AR process to make sure that billing takes place within 24 hours
  • Follow-up on denied claims
  • Address issues with insurance company and get them resolved
  • Maintain knowledge base of issues and solutions
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The Results:

By outsourcing their medical billing functions to O2I, the CLIENT was able to:

  • Witness that the average AR days were brought down from 34 to 23 days within 6 months
  • Witness that the collection percentage increased from 53% to 61% within 6 months
  • Have significant improvement in the cash flow as a result of increase in collection ratios
  • Concentrate on patient care and see more patients, with the availability of more time, and a clutter free office
  • Decrease reliance on employees and eliminate fluctuations associated with backlogged claims and employee turnover
  • Increase operating efficiency and reduce administrative costs

Please see the graphs below:

Progress since we started
Progress since we started
Collections % (rolling 6 months)
Progress since we started
Average A/R Days
Progress since we started
A/R over 90 days as % of total
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