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Outsource Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services

Optical Character Recognition Services

Today most organizations are going paperless and Outsource2india's OCR Services can help you do this by combining the latest in image acquisition and image enhancement technologies. Our OCR experts convert documents into digital files that can be stored, accessed, retrieved and edited by individuals or machines as when required. Further these digitized documents can be used effectively in document management systems and hosting on websites.

Being in the business of data management for over 23 years, O2I handles data security diligently. Confidentiality agreements are initiated with our employees and proper security measures are maintained to ensure all data is safe.

OCR Services We Offer

Outsource2india specializes in high-end OCR services by combining top-notch image recognition and enhancement technologies, to convert documents into digital files. Outsource2india can also offer onsite document scanning for very sensitive or valuable documents which you would not wish to leave on your premises. Our solutions include

  1. OCR Cleanup Services

    Outsource2india's OCR Cleanup services can be used once the process of OCR is completed. OCR Cleanup eliminates the chances of some data missing and retrieving lost data. Our services also ensure that misread characters which lead to errors are rectified. O2I's OCR Cleanup Services can help achieve accuracy levels of more than 98%.

  2. Document Scanning Services

    Outsource2india's Document and Image Scanning services help scan various types of documents. Our services also include Automatic and Manual Indexing and Archiving functions, full-text OCR indexing, image de-skewing, Data Capture and Double Data Capture, Setting up a Document Management System and Full-color and black & white scanning.

  3. Document Digitizing Services

    Outsource2india's Document digitization services convert manual documents into digital formats which is ideal for data storage. Our document digitizing services can handle any type of document be it text, image or video and convert them into digital formats which include text, HTML, XML, PDF, DOC, XLS, GIF, JPEG or TIFF.

  4. Microfiche Scanning and Conversion

    Get rid of your bulky & expensive microfiche equipment. Effortlessly distribute your accurately scanned and converted Microfiche data by availing O2I's Microfiche Scanning and Conversion services starting at $6/hour.

  5. OCR Conversion Services

    We convert your OCR data into PDF, Word, PPT, and any other popular types for you so that you need not own or go in search of dedicated software. We save time and money that is crucial for the process of hiring an FTE and proprietary software and set you back by thousands of dollars. Outsourcing OCR conversion saves you from all hassles in a single step.

OCR Services Professionals and Tools

At Outsource2india, we deploy trained personnel in OCR services. Through meticulous correction procedures and cleanup of OCR output we achieve 99.95% accuracy. Our infrastructure includes specialized scanners, automatic document feeders for high resolution and faster scanning. Images are stored and converted into the required file format, depending on the document management systems.

We use niche software to Deskew the images and deliver digital images in formats specified by clients including the popular PDF or TIFF formatted images at 300 DPI. Our OCR resources include typewritten OCR, cursive OCR, music OCR, handprint OCR and MICR. We also use OCR software, for recognition of writing and printing.

Read our article which lists the Best Practices of OCR Data Capture.

40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience

OCR Process We Follow

Project Scoping

Determine the scope of data enrichment required

Project Trial

Work on trial based on client inputs

Project Effort, Pricing & SLA

Indicate time, resources, and pricing

Project Allotment

Set up data enrichment team by Project Manager

Project Execution

Based on the project, ensure data is enriched

Project Quality

Quality Assessment (QA) team performs quality checks to ensure data is error-free

Project Delivery

Upload required output on to the client portal

Benefits of Outsourcing OCR Services to O2I

Outsourcing OCR services to specialist service providers like O2I provides you the following advantages -

  • Increases efficiency and effectiveness of office work
  • Enables instant search facility through content in an office environment
  • Helps deal with high volume scanning or high document inflow
  • Ensures working inline is easy - Retrieving, editing and scanning is easier. You can now use the copy and paste tools on the document as well, instead of rewriting everything to correct it
  • Guarantees accuracy - OCR is quick and accurate, ensuring the document's content remains intact while saving time as well
  • Combines easily with other technologies - to bring out the best - such as scanning and file compression, the advantages of OCR truly shine
  • Betters workflow in offices - is increased since employees no longer have to waste time on manual labor and can work quicker and more efficiently

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services in Philippines

With more than 23 years of experience in this field, we have the required expertise and skills to provide optical character recognition services in Philippines. Our team of OCR specialists ensures that the results we deliver are highly accurate. Some of the services we offer include OCR clean up services, document scanning services, microfiche scanning, and conversion, etc.

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Outsource Data Entry Services to Philippines

Choose O2I for Reliable Optical Character Recognition Services

By performing consolidated data entry and transforming information into printable electronic formats, Outsource2india's OCR services can help you reduce data entry errors and the give you the ability to handle peak loads. This results in making your business activities easier and more simplified.

Read more about OCR Cleanup Services provided by O2I.

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