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Outsource OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Services

With loads of documents at their disposal, companies are finding it time-consuming and costly to perform manual data entry work. This is where the optical character recognition services of an expert can come to your aid.

Optical Character Recognition or OCR is a domain in data entry where machines read text from paper and convert them into soft copies. These soft copies can later be stored, retrieved and edited by individuals or machines. This results in reduced paper management costs and easy access to valuable information.

Outsource2india's OCR services

Outsource2india offers OCR services by combining the latest in image acquisition and image enhancement technologies. We can gather information from old paper files, resumes, applications, forms, address labels, etc.

Outsource2india can convert documents in whole or selected portions into digital files. You can use these copies in your document management systems or host it on your website. Outsource2india can also offer onsite document scanning for very sensitive or valuable documents which you would not wish to leave on your premises.

You can use our OCR services in the following areas:

The OCR tools used at Outsource2india

Our infrastructure includes specialized scanners with automatic document feeders to provide high resolution and faster scanning. Scanned images are stored and converted into any file format, depending on your needs and document management systems.

While most customers currently prefer the delivery of documents in PDF or TIFF formatted images, at 300 dpi, we can deliver digital images and index information in formats specified by clients.

Outsource2india uses different OCR resources including typewritten OCR, cursive OCR, music OCR, hand print OCR and MICR. We also use OCR software, for the recognition of writing and printing.

Additionally, we use niche software to Deskew the images

The OCR professionals at Outsource2india

We place immense emphasis on deploying trained personnel in optical character recognition for our customers. We insist upon extremely accurate OCR / ICR conversion through meticulous correction procedures and cleanup of OCR output by trained technicians. This results in 99.95% accuracy of legible characters.

Outsource2india's skilled optical character recognition staff can deliver virtually all industry standard image formats and can scan images at any resolution. We can also upload finished images / documents onto a remote server depending on your specifications.

Outsource optical character recognition services to Outsource2india

By performing consolidated data entry and transforming information into printable electronic formats, Outsource2india's OCR services can help you reduce data entry errors and the give you the ability to handle peak loads. This results in making your business activities easier and more simplified.

Read more about OCR Cleanup Services provided by O2I.

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