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Business Analytics Services

Outsource Business Analytics Services

Want to leverage the immense power of your data? Our GDPR-compliant, secure, and advanced analytics leverage the power of Big Data to help you mitigate risks and maximize profitability

In today's Data Science driven world, the capability to rapidly collect, collate and assess data is key to making the right decisions faster than your competitors. With the rapid growth in the volume of information, Outsource2india's BI services help organization address 'who' 'what', 'why', and 'when' - each of which are decisive questions to stay ahead in the market. O2I's business analytics services connect businesses, customers, employees, partners, and platforms to a data-intensive insight ecosystem that offer highly value-added functionality.

As your business analytics service provider, O2I studies both historical as well as real-time data to optimize opportunities and maximize returns on investments while correcting errors before they get out of hand. O2I works with you to visualize a world of possibilities with the right business intelligence (BI) help.

Outsource2india's Business Analytics Services

O2I's services have only one goal: to help improve your business processes and sustain that performance over time. Our data analytics experts make use of advanced business analytics software to measure, analyze, benchmark and analyze critical areas that can make or break an enterprise.Make use of our business intelligence offerings for your varied business requirements.

  1. Risk Analytics

    Our skilled team helps you plan for and mitigate business risks to minimize vulnerability, but also exploit opportunities.

  2. Visual Analytics

    We use online dashboards, diagrams and charts in 2 and 3 dimensions to make information intuitive and accessible.

  3. Survey Analytics

    We help you understand your customers, competitors, and markets, in a better way, and stay ahead.

  4. Contact Center Analytics

    We help you spot new niches and eliminate problem areas through clarity of call center interactions.

  5. Text Analytics

    Our data services help you quantify market and competitor data to turn text into actionable insights for your company.

  6. Financial Analytics

    We help you get vital financial indicators as well as models for financial and fiscal improvements.

  7. Predictive Analytics

    O2I leverages Big Data to build credible scenarios of future events and business decisions.

  8. Supply Chain Analytics

    Our Services are designed to boost performance and customer satisfaction while minimizing costs in your supply chain.

  9. Collections Analytics

    O2I refines your accounts receivable strategy to improve your cash flow and financial resilience.

  10. Retail Analytics

    O2I helps you identify, attract, and retain the most profitable customers to improve your overall ROI.

  11. BPM Analytics Services

    We focus on improving the business outcomes of various business units within organizations by leveraging the expertise of our in-house domain experts combined with our use of industry-leading tools and technologies.

  12. Operational Analytics Services

    We help you procure focused and highly transparent data through the latest data mining and aggregation tools for excellent business planning to improve existing operations.

How do Outsource2india's Business Analytics Services Help You?

While it is no news that only a business that knows and manages its internal performance effectively can hope to thrive in today's competitive environment, it becomes highly crucial to choose the right data analytics company to get the best key data on your sales, productivity, costs, and more. Outsource2india helps you define the future instead of being defined by it.

O2I's big data analytics services and core business analytics services offer you three key areas of functionality for doing better business -

  1. Tracking internal business performance by capturing the important data
  2. Interpreting the data to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your company, and make better business decisions in real time
  3. Predicting the future using the data to construct models and business forecasts

Our consulting solutions have been beneficially applied at many companies across a wide range of industry sectors. As a leading Indian business analytics company, O2I provides reliable, cost-effective and fast business data analytics services. C-level executives like CEO, CFO, CIO, and COO appreciate our services as it helps them make better strategic business decisions to improve daily operational performance, business planning, and corporate governance.

Why Outsource Retail Analytics Services to O2I?

With over two decades of experience in providing highly accurate and reliable data analytics services, Outsource2india has the required knowledge to thoroughly analyze data and evaluate those as your requirements. Our team of skilled data analysts is well-trained to handle various data related services.

As a leading knowledge services partner, O2I offer a list of benefits to its growing list of clients from across the globe. Here are a handful of reasons to partner with O2I for your data analysis requirements apart from best-in-class and high-quality data analytics services -

  • Understanding of latest data analytics tools and technologies
  • Cost savings up to 45% with affordable and flexible pricing models
  • Strict confidentiality agreements that assure data security
  • Proven track record of data analytics services
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Multiple delivery centers across the globe
  • Suitably experienced team with degrees in data analytics and research from notable institutes and universities.
  • Dedicated helpdesk to create customized insight report
  • ISO 9001 certified processes that assure better results

We Are More Than Just Your Business Analytics Partner

If you are looking for a service provider to offer business analytics in India, we can ensure long-term success of your business endeavors. Our Indian team comprises business analysts with wide experience and skills in all current technologies and statistical techniques, including - SAS, SPSS, R, and MS Excel. Besides analytical and business excellence, we offer very competitive rates with a dedicated professional project manager to supervise your work and provide guidance at each step.

Find out more about our services, and how it can help your organization to achieve market and industry leadership.

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