Mortgage Loan Processing Support Services

Mortgage Loan Processing Support Services

Reduce operational overheads and scale up your services while maintaining high service levels by choosing our mortgage loan processing support services

Are you looking for effective ways to reduce loan processing overheads while maintaining high service levels? Is your mortgage firm struggling with an overload of mortgage loan processing requests?

Moving a borrower’s application toward closing can become resource-intensive for mortgage lenders, brokers, and firms. With the shrinking margins in the mortgage industry, the prudent step would be to offshore loan processing support to a skilled and certified mortgage loan processing service provider - like us.

As a leading third-party mortgage processing company for the mortgage industry, we believe that with the right tools, access to the latest technology, and professional mortgage assistants - loan processing times can be dramatically reduced for faster closings and better business growth. In the past 24 years, we have worked with global mortgage lenders and provided efficient mortgage loan processing support services. From loan origination to processing support, servicing, pay-off, and lien satisfaction, we ensure that all your requirements are taken care of by our in-house mortgage specialists.

Mortgage Processing Services We Offer

Our niche mortgage processing services help clients rapidly adapt to changing market conditions while improving their customer retention numbers and satisfaction ratings. Our mortgage support services include -

  • Jumbo Mortgage Loan Processing Support

    Jumbo Mortgage Loan Processing Support

    We help mitigate the high risks associated with jumbo by enhancing your loan processes for approval of loans that are non-compliant with GSE regulations.

  • Renovation Loan Mortgage Support Services

    Renovation Loan Mortgage Support Services

    Streamline renovation loan mortgage approval for applicants with our services that include borrower portfolio analysis and renovation needs analysis.

  • Mortgage Loan Boarding Support Services

    Mortgage Loan Boarding Support Services

    Our mortgage loan boarding support services simplify the process of transferring loan portfolios and other account data from one system to another.

  • Mortgage Indexing and Data Extraction Support

    Mortgage Indexing and Data Extraction Support

    We help you digitize, store, track, and utilize loan documents. With our help, you can streamline data stored and organized in different files, formats, and locations.

  • Mortgage Default Management

    Mortgage Default Management

    We can help lending institutions manage non-paying and late-paying borrowers by lowering overheads related to mortgage loan recovery and evaluation of potential borrowers.

  • Whole Loan Purchase Review Support Services

    Whole Loan Purchase Review Support Services

    As a part of our whole loan purchase review support services, we thoroughly review the whole loan file to make sure that the documents are in order.

Turn-key Mortgage Processing Support

Our mortgage processing services ensure speedy and reliable mortgage loan support for our clients. Our consolidated processes include -


01. Document Collection

Our mortgage processing support services ensure that the process of collecting documents pertaining to the mortgage loan application is completed in as short a time as possible. We can assist you while you collect bank/mortgage/pension statements, pay stubs, W2s, property flood certificates, and homeowner's insurance documents. If required, we can also help with preparing loan estimates (LE)


02. Reviewing Documents for Compliance

We specialize in stringent document review throughout the entire process of document preparation and fulfillment - related to both servicing and loss mitigation. Our solution can help you pass regulatory analysis and implement better process controls. We can review the borrower's authorization documents, forms 1008 & 1003, W2s, and LE, and any other required documents


03. Credit Check

We can help you make better lending decisions while receiving higher quality and more predictive trends in credit scoring behavior by FICO, 3-Bureau, etc. We can perform a credit check for borrowers on a regular basis, pre-screen credentials, check the latest social security status, review existing loans with MERS, and check for any defaults in payments and tax returns


04. Review Third-party Documents

We help with risk mitigation by reviewing documents from the associated third parties, such as appraisers and brokers. Our document QA review includes documents such as the appraisal report, title report, homeowner’s insurance papers, and tax transcripts. We also review property details and application references from licensed appraisers


05. Verification

As a part of regulatory compliance, we perform stringent verification of the potential borrower’s credentials. These checks include verification of the submitted documents, the borrower’s employment, deposit, and mortgage, the history of property sale and property location, and the appraiser’s signature and registration

MSuite For Mortgage Process Automation Solutions

Leverage MSUITE - Our customizable automation engine for the mortgage industry leverages AI and OCR to automate mortgage processing, lower operational overhead, and get accurate results.

Know More about MSuite

Why Choose Us As Your Mortgage Loan Processing Company

We are a leading mortgage loan processing service provider and have been providing high-quality and reliable support to clients around the globe. When you choose our loan processing support services, you get to leverage multiple advantages that truly set us apart from our competitors, including quick MLS uploads and superior customer services. Some of the key benefits of partnering with us include -

  • Skilled Team

    We have experience in providing loan processing support to a diverse range of clients across industries and verticals, including high-net-worth individuals along with real estate agents.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    We have cutting-edge infrastructure and expertise in using the most robust technologies to help clients improve their loan processing services.

  • Information Security

    We always handle your private information with care. All communication sent to us is encrypted so you can rest assured that nobody else will be able to see it.

  • Global Delivery Centers

    We have multiple delivery centers so that we can ensure quick service. This allows us to deliver our services rapidly.

  • Specialized Experts

    We have mortgage experts who are up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations of the mortgage processing industry, ensuring you get in-depth expertise that's been updated to fit every aspect of your specific mortgage needs.

  • Superior Quality Services

    We provide high-quality mortgage loan processing support services that help your receive the maximum ROI.

Additional Mortgage Services We Offer

Mortgage Closing Support Services

We streamline your mortgage closing process by offering back-office support and handling critical documents.

Mortgage Post-Closing Support Services

We ensure seamless mortgage closing and post-closing processes for lenders with our review and audit support.

Mortgage Title Support Services

We help with title transfer from the seller to the buyer and provide support with title ordering, financial analysis, and property insurance.

Mortgage Appraisal Support Services

We help you determine the market value for your mortgage client's collateral with comprehensive reports and creditworthiness analysis.

Reverse Mortgage Support Services

Our team of leading mortgage experts and technology executives can efficiently handle reverse mortgage support requirements including loan application review, verification, and closing.

Mortgage Loan Servicing

We streamline mortgage payment collections, due diligence, loan orders, filing, and document management as a part of our mortgage loan servicing solutions.

Reverse Mortgage Support Services

We respond to borrower inquiries, manage account delinquencies, monitor monthly payments, and more. Leverage our services to streamline your business.

Digital Marketing Services for Mortgage

We offer digital marketing strategies and content for improved engagement and better conversion, that are tailor-made for mortgage brokers, lenders, banks, and credit unions.

Customer Success Stories

O2I's MSuite Enhanced the Indexing Process for a US-based Lender

MSuite Enhanced the Indexing Process for a US-based Lender

We helped a US-based lender to reduce the time it took for their underwriters to find and upload documents into their database so they could get back to making more loans.

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O2I's MSuite Updated the Loan Onboarding Process and Increased Efficiency for a US Lender

MSuite Updated the Loan Onboarding Process and Increased Efficiency for a US Lender

A client who needed help with the unorganized and inefficient loan onboarding process approached us. The company used our tool, MSuite, to streamline and update the process.

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Our expertise, attention to detail, and customized experience help our partners scale their businesses with ease. Our knowledge of all compliance and regulatory issues, combined with our effective pre-qualification support services and mortgage title services, enable our clients to achieve their business goals efficiently. Collaborate with us and benefit from -

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Higher margins and increased revenue
  • Streamlined support processes

We can be your reliable mortgage loan processing support partner. Get in touch with us today!

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