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Outsource Mortgage Post-Closing Services

Mortgage Post Closing Services

In today's world of regulatory credit environment, lenders face many challenges in adapting to the rapidly changing marketplace, which includes some stringent requirements such as borrower qualifications, constant compliance updates, etc. thereby increasing the complexity of the process. This is coupled with a rigorous oversight by regulators, especially after the market crash in 2009.

Outsource2india provides high-quality review and professional audit services which help to streamline the entire process of mortgage post-closing for global lenders. Outsourcing your requirements to us helps you reduce the operational costs which are a result of our timely reporting and accurate audits. Our specialized team of auditors and mortgage underwriters work on your loan application documents before they are sent to the service providers, while ensuring quick, on-time delivery

Outsource2india's Mortgage Post-Closing Services

Our review and audit services offer the perfect tools required in today's market without having you face the steep operational costs of hiring an entire staff. After the documents have been checked and signed, our team conducts strict audits and reviews them so as to ensure completeness and compliance. Some of our mortgage post-closing services include:

  • Assembling the Loan Package

    Our team at Outsource2india assembles the entire loan package by compiling all the necessary documents after a successful loan closure. These include various notes, trust deeds with riders, necessary addendums, final GUD1 with signatures, etc. Our executives work closely with title companies and brokers to review post-closing loan packages in order to save you valuable time and close loans within a short time period

  • Post-Closing Data Integrity Audit

    The data integrity audit or mortgage loan audit is a critical step in the mortgage post-closing process and is mainly done to address any kind of loan deficiencies. This step includes different processes such as addressing any red flags from the underwriter, owner occupancy verification, etc.

  • Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS)

    Our team registers all loans which are approved with the Mortgage Electronic Registration System. We can register MERS as Original Mortgagee (MOM), Non-MOM Loans (by assignment), and also MERS iRegistration which enables companies to choose for loan tracking services and fraud detection at cost-effective rates without recording MOM

  • Mortgage Quality Control Audit

    We use top quality auditing systems and processes to provide mortgage audit services. This services covers post-closing, servicing, pre-funding, compliance, cancel/reject, fraud investigation, commercial loan audit, QC plan preparation, etc. Our post-closing audit sampling can be fully customized to suit every client's business requirement. We have the expertise to audit almost all kinds of loan files including sub-prime, non-conforming and conforming loans, reverse annuity, subordinate lien, etc.

  • Trailing Documentation

    Document tracking is one of the most critical parts of post-closing that starts after loan closure. The trailing documents usually include assignments, tax deeds, tax records, assumption agreements, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) records, judgments, etc. We ensure all such documents are kept together and are easily accessible, as and when required for further processing

  • Tax, Insurance, and Reserve Audits

    Followed by the mortgage loan closure, as part of our auditing process we review all insurance, reserve, and tax requirements as part of our auditing process. We check if there are any problems and ensure that you have met all tax obligation conditions. We review the insurance policy and other policy documents to look for errors or any discrepancies that may have crept in as well

Why Choose Outsource2india for Mortgage Post-Closing Services?

Outsource2india has been providing mortgage closing services to clients around the globe for over 17 years now. Our relevant experience in this field helps us understand various business types and provide the services accordingly. Some of the reasons you need to choose us for mortgage closing services include:

  • Relevant experience in providing mortgage closing services to clients across different verticals
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise in using cutting edge technologies for the best mortgage post-closing services
  • We maintain confidentiality of your data and ensure that your data is completely secure with us
  • Multiple delivery centers ensure a quick service and on time delivery
  • Trained mortgage experts who are updated with the latest rules and regulations of the mortgage industry
  • High quality services at cost effective rates

Choose Outsource2india for Flawless Mortgage Post-Closing Services

Outsource2india has been providing mortgage services for over 17 years now to clients around the globe. Having served clients from a plethora of verticals and domains, we understand various businesses and their business models very well and provide our services according to their requirements. With mortgage rules and regulations being revised regularly it becomes difficult for lenders and borrowers to stay updated. With our help though, not only can you stay updated with the latest developments in the mortgage industry, but also service your customers in a fast and time-efficient manner.

If you have any kind of mortgage post-closing service requirement, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be glad to help you out.

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