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Case Study for Order Processing Project

Case Study for Order Processing Project

The Client

The client, founded in 2005, is the largest provider of flooring solutions to apartments in California. It specializes in providing outstanding service and value to large multifamily property management companies and owners.

Situation - Business Needs

The client's business need centered on its objective to improve its productivity without sacrificing the quality or the cost-effectiveness of its flooring projects. It proposed to offer cost-effective solutions to its customers by implementing cost control measures in its own operations and maintain strict control over the quality of the flooring used. The client needed to conduct an order processing task to reduce costs and pass on the benefit to its customers.

The client wished to engage the services of an offshore partner that was competitive and cost-effective to achieve its objectives.

The challenges faced by our team during the course of the order processing project were -

  • Maintenance of entire company accounts
  • Establishing and allocating cost centers and cost units
  • Assisting in costing of flooring material
  • Providing the floor plan cost estimates to allow the client to provide a detailed floor plan to its customers
  • Determining and accumulating the costs of a product or activity
  • Classification, analysis and interpretation of cost
  • The client used a remote desktop platform for information sharing and retrieval. This posed challenges on the speed and connectivity

The Solution

Outsource2india embarked on a solution befitting the client's exact needs. Our solution comprised the following salient features -

  • Proposed to work on a cloud computing environment to take care of slow connectivity issues
  • Employed an experienced team possessing skills and knowledge of order processing methods and techniques
  • Allocated cost centers and cost units to ascertain and trace the incurrence of direct and indirect costs
  • Provided a detailed costing of flooring material to enable the client to source the best and the most cost-effective flooring material for the management goals of a particular property
  • Furnished cost analysis reports with due emphasis on classification, analysis and interpretation of costs and its implications on profits

The products and services used to carry out the project were -

  • High-bandwidth internet connection
  • Cloud computing environment
  • Allotted workstations with MS-Office applications
  • Windows XP operating system


  • The client witnessed a cost saving to the tune of 60%
  • The detailed and comprehensive costing and accounting solution helped cut down operating costs and streamline operations. Cost center accounting allowed the client to implement cost control in areas that had inflated costs and ensure transparency in accounting procedures and order processing
  • Quality of our service on cloud computing reduced downtime
  • Increase in productivity and reduction in costs enabled more cost-effective ways to provide flooring to its customers
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