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Leading Snow Removal Professionals Get Mapping and Measurement Services from O2I

Case Study on Mapping and Measurement for Snow Removal Company

The Client

The client is a leading snow removal service company based in Illinois, USA since 2002. Their clients include Fortune 500 companies. They offer services such as snow removal during freezing rain, daytime snow, blizzard conditions, and black ice conditions.

The client wanted 80 US sites to be mapped and measured using a licensed tool to aid them in understanding the volume of snow that had to be removed from these areas. The client wanted to outsource to avoid the high costs, time, and effort involved in using an in-house team seasonally.

Project Challenges

The main challenges faced during the project were -

  • The mapping and measuring project trial was highly complex - data like coordinates for instance were missing from the sites
  • The stipulated delivery time was very short
  • The client required frequent changes in the mapping and measuring parameters

O2I's Solution

O2I analyzed the clients requirement and offered them a quality test (trial) and proposed the following solution -

  • During the trial the client provided O2I with multiple training sessions, handbooks, and presentations. O2I had to use Go iLawn and other geo mapping tools
  • O2I was trained on the mapping and measuring of the different types of sites
  • Each site had its own set of parameters that had to be followed while mapping and measuring it
  • O2I researched each site's parameters as well as the tool to understand the process and adopted a stepwise process from requirement to delivery
  • O2I assigned five resources to work exclusively on the project during the trial period

The trial was successful and the client decided to outsource the entire project to O2I.

  • O2I assigned two full time resources and two backup resources
  • Specific delivery times (Thursday to Friday every week) were stipulated
  • On weekdays and weekends, deliveries were set up according to the client's requirement
  • The client required weekend support only but O2I provided 24/7 support
  • O2I assigned a separate team to work on the weekend and at night to provide the client with 24x7 support

The Result

O2I mapped and measured the required US sites within the stipulated time.The client expressed satisfaction at the results. O2I's timely delivery, flexible approach, and the willingness to adjust the parameters several times was much appreciated.

The client also commended the ease of communication they experienced with O2I during the course of the project. The client obtained high savings in costs by utilizing O2I's services on a seasonal basis. Based on this, the client signed a contract for O2I's support during their working season.

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