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O2I Analyzed Financial Gateway Transactions for a Leading Risk Management Company in Israel

Case Study on Financial Analysis for Israeli Risk Management Firm

The Client

The client is based in Israel and is a leading cyber risk intelligence company that detects and prevents hidden transaction tunnels, money and transaction launderers, and merchant fraud from entering into the company's e-commerce stream. They gather extensive risk-management information and help customers reach business decisions regarding their merchants.

Client's Requirement

The client wanted to ensure a risk-free environment along with easy and hassle-free payment gateway for every financial transaction made by their customers. The client was looking for an outsourcing partner who had required expertise to study the tool, identify underlying flaws if any, give suggestions for improvement, ensure that every transaction passes through safely and securely. This had to be done within a stipulated deadline.

Challenges Faced by the Client

Financial transactions passing through 800 websites had to be tested and a 100% transaction pass percentage achieved. A tool was being used to validate these transactions and to check the ease and safety in which transactions passed through the concerned payment gateways. The client had to ensure that all payment gateways were flawless.

Outsource2india's Solution

On receipt of the client's requirement, a team of 24 experts was tasked to handle the project. The data provided to Outsource2india by the client was minimal at the start. The training tool was not fully functional and had to be tweaked several times by the client, with our inputs.

Outsource2india was required to hike the number of passed transactions each day. Initially, just 10% of transactions passed through. However, the percentage of passed transactions kept increasing exponentially, as we identified faults behind the tool's mechanism and sought to bridge the quality gap.

Our client worked seamlessly and tirelessly by providing us with exceptional cooperation and fine-tuning their tool as and when required. They also provided a three-day training session to the designated team, which helped O2I immensely and saw the pass percentage rate soaring to a 60% - 65% range.

The Results

With utmost dedication, and with excellent cooperation from the client, Outsource2india's team of experts brought the percentage of passed transactions to an 80%-85% range.

The client expressed much satisfaction at the professionalism and quick turnaround with which we handled the project. They were particularly impressed with our technical knowledge of the tool, dedication towards quality, and desire to go the extra mile.

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