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Database Development for Nature Website and App

Case Study on Database Development for Nature Website

A client in the United States approached Outsource2india to assist with collection, sorting, and collation of images and data for a specific classification of nature.

The Client

The client was developing a nature website and app to showcase different classifications of nature. The website and app contained exhaustive database of one such nature classification. For this they needed a partner who could -

  • Collect all available pictures for this particular classification and ensure standard content format
  • Gather and collate information related to these images that were to be used in the website and app
  • Provide support for a website which client saw earlier as the Wikipedia for this segment


Due to the scope and size of the project, there were several challenges faced by the O2I team, including -

  • The project was exceptionally large and required a big trained team to work on it
  • There was limited timeframe and strict deadlines throughout the project that had to be adhered by all members
  • The information needed to be carefully collected, sorted, and collated as per the specific instructions provided by the client

The Solution

To ensure this large project was completed successfully as per the specifications offered by the client, the following tasks were completed -

  • Internally developed bulk downloaders were engaged to ensure the search engines do not block traffic while gathering information
  • A team of 15 dedicated personnel was built and trained to work on the project in the short timeframe provided for it
  • The team was broken down into smaller groups to focus on downloading, collating, editing, image enhancement, and quality control
  • The project was approached with double effort to ensure it was completed within the deadline provided
  • The process set by the client was augmented to streamline the working model and ensure completion within budget and timeframe


This one-of-its-kind project was completed successfully after simplifying the work model and hiring a dedicated team to work on its each aspect. The client is now looking for more classifications to fit their future projects.

Outsource Database Development and Migration Services to O2I

The client was extremely pleased with the way Outsource2india handled their project. We have over 25 years of experience at offering comprehensive data management services, and can provide you a customized solution if you have a similar or unique requirement.

To learn more about the Outsource2india’s database development, data collection, editing, and support capabilities, contact us today and speak to our data experts.

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