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Data Mining of Venues for Meetings

Case Study of Data Mining Venues for Meetings

Outsource2india helped a Finnish company Launch its website before the scheduled launch date by providing efficient data mining services.

A startup in Finland required a partner who could help them gather data from different countries regarding venues where business meetings could be booked.

They needed someone who could do this both quickly and accurately at a large scale, and therefore they reached out to Outsource2india to start the project.

The Client

Located in Finland, the client is a growing business entity with a large scale project for which they needed immediate assistance. They provided venue booking services for clients around the globe and needed someone who could pull the data needed to build the meeting packages they offered to clients. This involved -

  • Finding specific business hotels in different countries that could act as venues for meetings
  • This data needed to include venue name, location, pricing, and packages (if available)
  • Completing the entire project in a short time with a high level of accuracy

Project Challenges

There were several challenges faced by the Outsource2india team during the course of this project. These included -

  • The client was preparing to launch a new website and had a very tight window in which the data had to be collected to ensure timely launch
  • The volume of data to be collected was large. Additionally, as several different pieces of information for each venue had to be gathered, it was a very time consuming task

The Solution

Outsource2india set to the project quickly and provided a number of solutions to ensure immediate and accurate completion of the client's requirements. This included -

  • Before starting, the team provided several samples to the client for review. This ensured the performance met the client's requirements
  • More than 10 resources were exclusively assigned to complete this project as per the schedule
  • To start, the team created a short list of venues in different countries including images of each venue
  • The shortlisted details were uploaded to where they could be mutually reviewed for quality and accuracy
  • A thorough quality check was performed by the O2I Quality Assurance (QA) team to ensure everything was exactly as it needed to be before client submission
  • The client was provided regular updates on the project's progress and any feedback provided was immediately implemented

The Results

As a result of the actions taken above, the project was completed successfully and within the timeframe provided by the client. The following results were achieved throughout the project -

  • The project was completed within the given deadline and with an accuracy level of more than 95%, meeting the client's expected benchmark
  • The client was able to complete the development of their website ahead of schedule because of the speed with which the data mining was completed by the O2I team
  • The client was highly satisfied with the final results of the project and outsourced additional services to our team including database management and updating prices of meeting venues over time

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As a result of this project, Outsource2india was able to establish a long-term business relationship with the client and help them achieve their business goals. To learn more about our data mining services or other data entry services, contact us today.

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