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Data Entry Services for a Job Recruiter

Case Study on Data Entry Services for Job Recruiter

The client was looking for a partner who had extensive experience in handling high volume data collection and data entry jobs. They reached out to the Outsource2india team for a multi-month project that would provide this kind of insight for their efforts.

The Client

The client works in shortlisting job profiles and matching them to potential employers as a multi-tiered recruiter. They needed a partner to assist in data entry related to CVs in their database. This included -

  • Extracting CVs from the database and shortlisting them with respect to specific job descriptions as submitted by employers
  • Submitting CVs on to the system based on specific categories of job and properly organizing them
  • Sending shortlisted CVs to the client for approval based on how they had been organized
  • Re-uploading approved CVs into the database as a shortlist of candidates to interview

Project Challenges

Due to the scope of the project, there were several challenges that needed to be addressed by the Outsource2india team. These included -

  • Different formats of CV submitted into the database - making it more difficult to screen and categorize based on specific recruitment criteria provided by the client
  • Criteria were diverse and included total experience, relevant experience, specific skill sets, and skill level knowledge
  • Improper categorization and submission of CVs in the database made the screening process a lot more time consuming and they had to be matched with the job descriptions being evaluated

The Solution

To ensure success in the project, Oustource2india team took several important steps, including -

  • Assigned two dedicated resources to the project for the duration to ensure consistency and accuracy
  • Initiated shortlisting task which was completely manual - this ensured there were no mistakes made
  • Performed category-wise timing analysis to estimate time consumption for the tasks and helped the client to review work-hours billing data

The Results

With the data entry process undertaken by Outsource2india, the recruitment process was shortened for the client, streamlining and removing pre-existing hassles. This waived off a significant burden on the recruitment team, giving them a transparent and statistical view of the entire recruitment process from the first CV upload to onboarding.

To learn more about the full suite of data entry services offered by Outsource2india, contact us today and ask to speak with a member of our expert team.

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