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Data Entry for Analytics and Optimization Services Provider

Case Study on Data Entry Analytics & Optimization Provider

The client needed an experienced outsourcing partner who had specific experience and resources on hand to handle high-volume data entry projects, and thus contacted Outsource2india.

The Client

The client runs a leading recruitment marketing analytics and optimization platform. They needed a partner who could support their effort to collect data from job advertisement posting websites. This included -

  • Collecting job advertisements posted by various job agencies to specific websites based on research
  • Collating data collected on the number of ad clicks and the cost associated with those clicks
  • Uploading the information needed into a specific database that the client provided

Project Challenges

While starting the project, there were several challenges faced by the Outsource2india team related to the scope and specific nature of the data entry requirements in the project. These included -

  • Job portals from which data needed to be collected had a slightly different format and required different methods in terms of how data was collected
  • Extracting all this data together into a single report with a uniformity of terms and nomenclature
  • Unpredictability of the volume of work throughout the day dependent on several factors both internal and external factors to the client

The Solution

In addressing the client's needs and the specific challenges faced by the team, the data entry process for this project was addressed by taking some important steps which included -

  • Comprehensive review of work volume pattern from the initial trial through the initial weeks of the project to ensure proper allocation of internal resources
  • Tapping into the expertise and experience over the years to ensure a system was put in place that allowed for accurate collection and entry of data from diverse sources
  • Final deliverable for the client included a complete report of the job advertisements requested including every click and the cost associated with those clicks, as well as the overall expense of those ad posts across the industry


The project was completed successfully over a period of 9 months. Thus, the client had a comprehensive report they could use to better inform internal decision making processes.

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