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New York-based Global B2B Technology Partner Gets Data Categorization Services from Outsource2india

Case Study on Data Categorization for B2B Technology Partner

The Client

Based in New York, US, the client works with medium and large sized companies to create significant new enterprise value, drive new revenues, develop new opportunities and augment current execution. The client aligns with technology partners that are at the forefront of the B2C marketplace to bring venture partners unparalleled execution across markets.

The Requirement

The client had collated a high volume of Youtube links, and required an outsourcing partner to follow a predetermined set of specifications, and categorize the links into a business or non-business category.

O2I's Solution

On receiving the client's business enquiry, O2I undertook a Scope of Work assessment and a quality test (trial) was scheduled. During the trial, the client sent O2I ten YouTube links, via email. O2I assigned one full-time resource to categorize the links as per client requirements.

O2I's resource opened the YouTube page via the client provided link, studied the same, and then categorized it as business or non-business, based on client provided specifications.

The completed information was entered into an Excel sheet and emailed back to the client. The trial was successfully completed within one business day.

Project Challenges

  • Very high turnaround time - five business days for one million links
  • 140 employees required at short notice

Based on the success of the trial, the client signed a full-time ongoing contract to outsource one million YouTube links to O2I. O2I allocated 140 full-time ad hoc resources, and successfully completed the trial within five business days.


The client sent us a note of thanks, acknowledging our precise data categorization services. They mentioned that we had far surpassed delivery time expectations and accurately delivered one million links in five business days. They also applauded our ability to scale up and employ 140 resources at such short notice.

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