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Singapore-based Image Recognition Solutions Provider Gets Annotation Services from Outsource2india

Case Study on Annotation Services for Image Recognition Firm

The Client

The client provides intelligent image recognition solutions to retailers and publishers across the globe. Based in Singapore, the client has branches in the UK, India, and China and caters especially to the fashion, jewelry, furniture, and intellectual property sectors.

The client assists businesses looking to convert images into immediate product search opportunities or wanting to build a visual ecommerce platform. They specialize in improving user search experience by tagging entire image libraries and allowing customers to find a product through an image or screenshot.

Client Requirement

The client required an outsourcing partner to annotate a high-volume of images for their image recognition software. As an existing partner of O2I, and familiar with our service expertise from past projects, the client decided to outsource another project to us.

Challenges Faced by O2I during the Project

  • annotation requirements were different for each image subset
  • initial training difficulties
  • frequent changes to scope of work
  • frequent changes in platforms - leading to additional training of O2I's resources
  • 24x7 work hours to handle the high-volume of annotations

O2I's Solution

O2I had worked with the client for more than two and a half years on various projects. On getting to know the client's new project requirement, we suggested a free quality test (trial).

During the trial, the client trained five full-time resources online for two weeks (via Skype and Google Hangouts) and provided them with training handbooks. Several more quality tests (trials) were conducted on different image subsets to understand the different image annotation techniques.

Based on the success of the trials, the client signed a full-time contract with O2I to outsource 300,000 images. O2I designated 10 - 15 annotators to work exclusively on the live project.

During the live project, O2I's designated data entry operators annotated 10,000 - 20,000 images per day. A separate team was assigned to work on weekends and at night. Additional resources were kept on standby to accommodate any additional volume requests from the client. We successfully completed the project within eight working months.

Client Benefits

The client expressed satisfaction with our quality levels and adherence to the Service Level Agreement (SLA's). They also commended our willingness to learn, work flexibility and 24x7 support that was provided at no additional cost.

Outsource Image Annotation Services to Outsource2india

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