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Data Entry Services for Environmental Consulting Firm

Data Entry Services for Environmental Consulting Firm

The Client

The client is an Environmental Consulting Firm specializing in health and safety issues such as Environmental Assessment & Liability Management, Industrial & Hazardous Waste Management, Occupational Health & Safety Program Development, Employee Education & Hazard Training and other similar services.

Situation - Business Needs

The client required data entry services for a number of material safety data sheets (MSDS). They had a large number of these documents that were to be entered in Microsoft Excel format data sheets. This requirement, combined with the need for high levels of accuracy, clear understanding of the technical data included in the documents, and quick turnaround brought them to Outsource2india for their data entry needs.

The client's business situation entailed -

  • Data entry of material safety data sheets into MS Excel format
  • Fast completion of the project with a high level of accuracy
  • Clear understanding of the source material was needed by both parties


In the course of the project, challenges faced by the implementation team included the following -

  • The hazardous products were not always named consistently or uniformly in the documents
  • PDF formats were inconsistent in project naming with some listing having only the project name partially and others having the full title

The Outsource2india Solution

To ensure the best quality deliverable at the end of the project, Outsource2india performed following actions to ascertain that the challenges faced were solved in the most efficient way possible. O2I solution comprised of the following steps -

  • Data was thoroughly cleansed to avoid duplication of the file and project names from the originals
  • A team of 20 full-time equivalent employees were assigned exclusively to this project to meet the client's requirements
  • The team manually read and deleted each duplicate entry in the documents
  • Weekly reports were delivered to the client outlining the process and stages of performance throughout the project life cycle
  • Before starting the project, detailed samples were sent to the client for approval
  • Backup and disaster recovery protocols were deployed to prevent downtime
  • The following safety measures were utilized to ensure optimal performance and minimal risk -
    • Host Intrusion Prevention System
    • Network Access Control
    • Secure VPN Communication with IPSec/PPTP
    • URL filter application for surf control
    • Domain Authentication for Internet access
    • McAfee Enterprise Suite
    • All files stored with access policy based on user level

The Results

By following the client's project requirements carefully; the Outsource2india team was able to provide superior results for the project from start to finish. This included the following -

  • The team reached a 99.9% level of accuracy for the entirety of the project, matching the specific requirements of the client
  • The project was completed from start to finish in just two weeks
  • The client was happy with the finished results of the project and subsequently assigned more work to Outsource2india

The goal of the team was to provide the highest possible level of quality within a fast turnaround time. They were able to do just that and as a result, developed a long-term relationship with the client. We offer a wide range of data entry services, get in touch with us to share your custom data entry requirements.

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