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Case Study on Order Processing Services for a Large BPO & IT Services Company

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The Customer

The customer is a multi-dimensional service provider with services in a variety of sectors like infrastructure management, application development and maintenance, business process outsourcing and transformational services.

Some of the core services of the customer include coupon processing, mail order processing, product order fulfillment, product warehousing, product distribution, customer care services and customer relationship management services.

With a hold on the contemporary BPO market, the client has its global presence in over 60 countries and a annual turnover of above 20 billion US dollars.

The Challenge

The client is currently working on a manual order processing system which is dispensed out at a number of off-site and on-site locations. With a huge volume of documents numbered at 200,000, processing was done solely by standalone keying applications. This setup led to a number of issues related to the consolidation of orders and the quality of the entire process; mainly due to the difficulty involved in managing the services provided by off-site locations. The outcome resulted in higher turnaround times, higher costs for customer, order processing and most importantly lower quality levels.

The client needed an automatic order processing system to handle the bulk of its order processing capabilities. This image based order processing system had to be implemented at its on-site and offsite locations with a high degree of security and tracking. The client also needed some additional requirements like an ICR to improve the quality of processing and reduce the turnaround time.

The Solution

Our dedicated team of experts initially analyzed the client's business process to implement the most suitable image-based order processing system. Then we developed a very comprehensive image-based order processing system which converted scanned order slips to images which could be easily integrated into a fulfillment system. This image-based automatic order processing system was implemented in a manner where orders could be processed from either an on-site or an off-site location with a high degree of security.

We implemented this order management system in two phases to maximize the chances of error-tracking and beneficial implementation. Facilitating a smooth transition from the existing manual setup to an automatic setup was also ensured. In the first phase of the implementation, we provided a comprehensive system architecture and guaranteed the working of all the modules in the setup. We also ensured the seamless integration of our order processing model with the client's batch processing mainframe application.

In the second phase we concentrated on implementing the system functionality for an end-to-end fulfillment process. The prime components of the order processing system included workflow infrastructure, insightful front-end interface, image scanning, ICR, data capture and management reporting capabilities. Our BPO service team was able to enhance the quality of the order processing process to a record 99.9%. The client has processed more than 60 million orders successfully till date. They have also availed the best of the services through our 24x7 customer care.

The Results

Our automatic image-based order processing system was able to cut operational costs, improve order processing efficiency, decrease turnaround time and reduce customer-customer care interactions significantly.

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