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Outsource Image Annotation Services

Image Annotation Services

Image annotation is becoming increasingly popular, as it enables analysis and synthesis of information. The process involves computerized assigning of metadata in the form of keywords or captions to a digital image. Businesses can use this automated process in image retrieval systems for locating and organizing images of interest. This technique can be of great use to businesses across various industry sectors, including those in e-commerce, as it helps online sellers to maintain an efficiently searchable product database.

However, maintaining the required infrastructure and getting the right resources for image annotation and tagging services will involve huge operational costs and administrative hassles. Therefore, the best way to avoid such hassles is to outsource image annotation and tagging. At Outsource2india, we provide highly efficient image annotation and tagging solutions. We will understand your needs and provide image tagging services that precisely cater to it.

Annotation & Bounding Box Services We Offer

Our comprehensive range of image tagging is designed to address all the image classification needs of diverse industries. When you send us your images, our team will begin the process by employing image annotation tools and bounding box mechanism to describe the properties of an image.

Following are some of the major annotation services we offer -

  1. Image Tagging and Annotation

    This involves providing specific keywords and pertinent captioning for classifying the images. Here, the client will also have the option to specify the terminologies for tagging, making it completely customizable by the client.

  2. Bounding Box and Annotation

    Here, the pictorial content such as product features, objects, and various other specific elements which are contained within the images are detected and recognized for easy identification and retrieval. Our experienced professionals will ensure that all the images are accurately tagged, making it easy for you to create and maintain pictorial database for further analysis or record keeping.

  3. Image Tagging of Aerial Imagery

    We also carry out annotation of aerial imagery, which provides better visibility to new businesses across various industry sectors. Whether it is urban growth analysis of a city, or crop count in the agriculture industry, the possibilities are numerous with annotation of aerial images. Our dedicated team will perform efficient annotation of your aerial images and help you in analyzing it quickly and easily.

  4. Semantic Image Annotation

    Often, more than one vocabulary is required to describe different aspects of a particular image. This is exactly where semantic annotation can help. It involves tagging different parts of images with multiple relevant vocabularies to make the tagged images easy to retrieve.

  5. Tagging Images Captured by Autonomous Vehicles

    Whether you have images captured by a self-driving drone or a self-driving car, we provide accurate annotation of such images. Using well-trained tagging algorithm, our team of specialists aim to provide you with the best of the services.

Why Should You Outsource Image Annotation Services to Us?

Whether it is bounding boxes or tagging aerial imagery, at Outsource2india, we ensure that image annotation is executed efficiently with consistent productivity. However, following are some of the major advantages of choosing us -

  • Affordable and Flexible Pricing

    Once you partner with us, we provide you with a flexible pricing structure that is extremely affordable. Based on your requirements, we will design a competitive pricing structure without any extra costs

  • Data Security

    If data security is preventing you from outsourcing, then with us you no longer have to worry, because we have stringent data security measures in place to safeguard your electronic data

  • Top-quality Annotation

    We have strict quality processes in place to ensure that all the images are accurately annotated, which helps you in maintaining easily searchable product database

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We have the required infrastructure and skilled workforce to provide you with correctly annotated images within short time, and can also support clients who work on tight deadlines

Customer Success Stories

Bounding Box Services to Singapore Client

Bounding Box Services to Singapore Client
Discover how we helped a Singapore-based client with our bounding box services in streamlining their process and delivering 250,000 images without compromising on accuracy. Read the case study.

Data Entry and Image Tagging for Irish Firm
Tagging and annotation experts at Outsource2india successfully devised and implemented a strategy to observe, register, and tag the moves of every player in their pre-recorded footages of rugby matches. The tagged footages were then archived for future use. Read the case study.

Data Entry and Image Tagging for Irish Firm

Outsource Image Annotation Services to India

At Outsource2india, we have been a top-quality data processing services provider to global clients for over 18 years now. By choosing us for your image annotation needs, you receive exceptional quality service at every step. Our annotation experts understand the exact context in which these services are used and are also capable of customizing annotation services to precisely cater to the clients' requirements.

If you have decided on outsourcing image annotation services, and are looking out for quick, reliable, accurate, and affordable image annotation services, then just get in touch with us today.

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