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Outsource Image Annotation Services

Drug discovery is a complicated process that takes months, sometimes years of constant experimentation, measuring certain combinations of crystals and proteins to ensure that every image taken during the experiments is carefully annotated or explained for future reference. As a result, the procedure can be more time consuming between experiments, slowing the discovery phase and costing more than what budget allows for.

That's where Outsource2india's comprehensive image annotation services for crystallography find usage in drug discovery experiments. We offer comprehensive services including manual annotation of images taken from robotic crystallization experiments and ensure rapid turnaround for projects to keep your research moving forward as quickly as possible.

Services we Offer

When you send us your images, our team will begin the process by employing a series of manual processes along with the aid of image annotation software. Each image will then be individually scored and annotated according to criteria, such as, heavy precipitate, skin formation, big crystal or micro crystal amongst others.

After the process, the images will be annotated to show you the options that you can choose for future experimentations. Next, a detailed secondary review is carried out for all the images. All the results are then complied into a single report and sent to you for a review.

Why Opt For Our Services?

Here are four reasons why our image annotation services are the best in the industry -

  • A team of highly qualified medical experts who have special expertise in using image annotation for drug discovery and medical research
  • In-sync with the latest trends and best practices in the image annotation industry
  • Use of high-end image annotation tools and technology
  • Secure VPN connection to protect the data transfer of lab reports and annotated images

How We Work

A strict 4-step process is followed when you start a new project with Outsource2india.

1. Data Transfer Using VPN

Your data will be transferred over a secure VPN connection to our staff members. All transfers will take place over this secure line to ensure optimal protection of your data, and immediate access at any point of time, whenever your scientists want to review results.

2. Review and Annotation of Images

We will then review and annotate your images, using a combination of the most cutting-edge technology in the industry and manual analysis to ensure optimal quality in every annotation.

3. Image classification

Images are classified based on a number of characteristics including:

  • Big Crystal(s)
  • Actionable Precipitate
  • Phase Separation
  • Bad Image
  • Small Crystal(s)
  • Skin Formation
  • Heavy Precipitate
  • Unknown Object/dirt
  • Micro Crystal(s)
  • Light Precipitate
  • Bad Drop

4. Final Review

Once we complete the annotation process, our team reviews it for the second time, and then provides results in a carefully annotated report for your review.

Our Expertise - Highly skilled Team of Pharmaceutical Researchers

Over the years, Outsource2india has built a team of highly skilled individuals with experience in the pharmaceutical research and discovery, ensuring that your annotation needs are handled in the best possible manner. We continuously train our staff to work with the newest technology in medical research and perform constant quality assurance overviews to maintain high levels of quality in every project undertaken.

Outsource Your Image Annotation Needs to Outsource2india

By choosing Outsource2india for your image annotation needs, you receive exceptional quality at every step, allowing you to quickly design and carry out advanced experiments without waiting for results in your image annotations. We act as a proactive support in your development process and work with you during the whole process to ensure that you have everything you need.

To learn more about hiring Outsource2india today to handle all of your crystallization and image annotation needs, contact us to talk to one of our trained experts.

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