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Outsource Student Loan Processing Services

Student Loan Processing Services

Helping students choose the right student loan is one task, and loan processing for the prospective student is a larger task. A lot of time is consumed in processing student loan data which is painstaking. This calls for exclusive Student Loan Processing Services.

Outsource2india handles large amounts of data for loan providers and lenders who receive information from students interested in a loan. With a proper process flow, the Student loan processing data is captured, digitized, and filled in the appropriate loan application forms. With the phenomenal increase in the demand for student loans, lenders can now concentrate on their core competence and outsource student loan processing services to O2I.

Services We Offer

With over 19 years of experience in data management, we help banks, loan providers and lenders restructure their backend operations pertaining to data entry and data processing. Our Loan Processing Services include -

  1. Student Loan Processing

    Information which is loaded on the client (loan provider's) portal for student loans is verified for unforeseen errors, consistency, and usage of information in digital forms. On completing this task, the disclosed information is aligned into the assigned Loan Application forms. In case of any discrepancy, we rectify the incorrect information based on the disclosed information.

  2. Student Account Creation Services

    We create a student account for further communication. This includes entering all the student credentials in the account in a systematic and defined manner. These details are further uploaded on the student portal, which ensures maintenance of a repository of documents required for further loan processing.

  3. Document Posting Services

    We have expertise in handling a majority of loan processing databases which helps us efficiently handle requirements of student data and documentation. We support loan providers through document posting services by liaising between them and the student for required documents, and dispense the documents to them through fax when the need arises.

Student Loan Processing Process

1. Defining the Scope of Work

Define scope and ensure details are available

2. Sample Project

Undertake execution of project based on client's inputs

3. Effort, Pricing & SLA

Indicate time, resources and pricing

4. Project Assignment

Set up team and resources by Project Manager

5. Execute Process

Based on the service - ensure all data is analyzed and sorted

6. Quality Check

Quality Assessment (QA) team performs quality checks and ensures all fields are filled and relevant information executed

7. Regular Delivery

Upload required output on to the client portal

Benefits of Outsourcing Student Loan Processing Services to O2I

We have been in the Data Management industry for over 19 years and have worked with clients across various industries and geographies. We offer robust solutions in the field of both data management and data entry. Our experience has helped us create indigenous methodologies that help us differentiate our services from competitors in a target-based environment.

Some of the reasons to choose O2I for loan processing are -

  1. Work with Experienced Data Entry Professionals who have 10+ years of experience in data management and data entry
  2. Scale up when demand rises and ensure mutual business benefits for both client and O2I
  3. Accurate and precise data management with ISO standard quality control
  4. Help minimize operational costs through cost-effective and timely services
  5. Work on multiple types of databases
  6. Create original concepts for data management depending on the industry requirements

Choose Outsource2india for Reliable Student Loan Processing Services

Our Student Loan Processing Services are handled by professional data entry experts with great attention to detail. We ensure error-free loan files are readily available and every piece of data received for student loan processing is precisely and accurately filed and stored. Additionally, a thorough manual check and review is conducted before uploading the data on to the client's database.

We have the infrastructure, expertise, and resources to cost-effectively meet bulk data processing requirements of all kinds across different industries. Contact us now for student loan processing services - our data management experts will be glad to handle your requirements.

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