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Outsource Online Data Entry Services

Accurate online data entry is critical to an organization's performance. If online data entry services are not a part of your core competency, why not outsource online data entry services to an expert like Outsource2india? We have skilled online data entry executives who are trained in online data entry of e-books, online data entry of catalogs and online data entry of databases amongst others.

We have the ability to handle any type of data entry and can also handle large volumes of data with ease. Choose Outsource2india as your online data entry partner and experience quality online data entry solutions.

Outsource2india's online data entry services

Outsource2india provides a wide range of online data entry services such as:

1. Online data entry services

Outsource2india is a expert in providing online data entry services. The services range from simple data entry work to compilation of data from websites, business cards, e-books and catalogs. We also provide form processing and other similar online data entry services. At O2I, we use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that we provide our customers with quality services. When you outsource data entry services to O2I, you can be assured of complete confidentiality as we can also work directly on your systems.

2. Online data entry of catalogs

This service deals with updating the database of online stores with information from your PDF/printed catalogs or manufacturer's websites. Online data entry of catalogs also involves online image editing and/or modifying the textual description, preparing online catalogs by searching the internet, deleting the irrelevant parts and adding product images.

3. Online image data entry services

Outsource2india also offers various image data entry services like data entry of scanned images, image capturing services, image cropping services, image editing services, high speed data entry from images, image clipping services, image storage and image retrieval amongst others. We are adept at handling both online as well as offline image data entry services.

4. Online data entry of databases

Online data entry of databases involves creating a database with the required information which is up to date. A thorough maintenance and up-gradation of database is crucial for the smooth running of any business. Data entry of databases is the best method to store and update crucial data. Database entry can be done both offline as well as online. Microsoft SQL Server, MS Access, ASP, Visual Basic, MySQL, Oracle and FoxPro are some of the commonly used databases for data entry. Online database entry helps in reducing the redundancy of data.

5. Online data entry of e-books

O2I offers online data entry of e-books to its customers as per their need and their document management system. Customers outsource their data entry of e-books to save their time and to do away with the monotony involved in the job. O2I offers e-book related data entry services to areas inclusive of websites, books, magazines, questionnaires, manuals, surveys and similar. Our online data entry professionals are proficient in language, program knowledge as well as typing skills. We can ensure fast turnaround time and maximum accuracy.

Benefits of outsourcing online data entry services to Outsource2india

Outsource online data entry services to Outsource2india and get access to the following benefits:

  • By outsourcing online data entry services to you can save on the productive time of your resources and utilize them for your core business processes
  • Outsourcing online data entry services can help you save on costs, effort and time
  • Outsourcing can give you access to accurate online data entry services

Outsource2india's other data entry services

1. Offline data entry services

Offline data entry deals with inputting raw information to a database program or maybe a word processor as per the instruction of the customer, without using the internet. We can provide data entry services at a very fast turnaround time with almost zero percent errors. O2I has experience in providing offline data entry services to health care units, publishing houses, finance and accounting companies and educational institutes.

2. Offshore data entry services

Outsource2india offers high quality data entry services for huge volumes of offshore data entry applications. It offers data entry application services for mailing list compilations, electronic publications, database creations, file conversions, data entry of e-books, data entry from hardcopy/printed materials, editing, sorting and indexing of data.

Read more about O2I's Offshore Data Entry Services and Offline Data Entry Services.

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