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Outsource Data Deduplication Services

Data Deduplication Services

There is a lot of confusion that duplicated data can cause. Multiple copies occupy space, affect efficiency as well as end up becoming a huge junk of unused and redundant data. The best way to get rid of all these hassles is to outsource data deduplication services to a reliable service provider. This will increase the efficiency and prevent data duplication throughout the database.

At Outsource2india, we treat data deduplication with a meticulous process. Our processes make sure that you get your system literally cleansed of unwanted and distracting data. Our aim is to use the powerful technology of data deduplication in providing you with quality data deduplication services that can enhance the speed and foster more efficient functioning of your systems.

6-step Data Deduplication Process We Follow

Our data deduplication solutions include intelligent compression, where redundant patterns are removed from the data stream. This helps in improving the end-user's response time and reducing bandwidth needs. We also implement single-instance storage, which enables your systems to retain a single copy of the content shared by multiple users or computers. Here is a brief on how we approach data deduplication -

Data Comparison  

01. Data Comparison

In this step, all the existing data sets are compared by our deduplication experts and then it is checked for duplicates

Data Matching  

02. Data Matching

Once the data sets are compared, it is then matched to retrieve the most important and critical information

Data Merging  

03. Data Merging

This step involves merging of complementing and related data for efficient storage to avoid data scatter

Data Purging  

04. Data Purging

Here, multiple copies of existing data sets and the unwanted data are scrapped out and deleted

Data Integration  

05. Data Integration

Once the unwanted and duplicated data is eliminated, the remaining data is then consolidated and integrated into other databases

Database Deduping  

06. Database Deduping

Finally, a compact and clean database of information is created

Benefits of Data Deduplication

The benefits of data deduplication are numerous and it can positively impact the overall efficiency for any business. Here is a snap shot of why you must look at outsourcing data deduplication and how it can benefit your organization -

  • Optimized and faster back-up systems for greater performance
  • Centralized back-up data
  • Instantaneous data restoring
  • Improved data protection and data integrity
  • Reduced bandwidth consumption
  • Efficient data recovery
  • Faster transmission of data in the network

Why Choose Us for Data Deduplication?

By partnering with us you can be assured of completely duplicate-free data base, which occupies less space and accurately organized to make it easier for you to quickly access your data. However, some of the major benefits of choosing us are -

  1. Data Privacy and Confidentiality

    We have a stringent data security measures that govern our deduplication process to ensure that all your data remain safe. With us you can be rest assured about data security as we employ stringent information security policies and practices.

  2. Uncompromised Quality

    Our quality analysis systems and our processes run repeated checks before the final output assuring levels of accuracy as high as 98% and ensure that no valid data is deleted and no redundant data is retained.

  3. Quick Turnaround Time

    We use state-of-the-art data deduplication software and technology to complete your project well within the stipulated time, without any traces of duplicate data sets.

  4. Cost-effective Rates

    Cost effectiveness is one of the biggest advantages you can avail by partnering with us. While you save almost 60% of your operating costs by outsourcing, you will further benefit from our flexible pricing option which enables you to pay for exactly what you avail.

Avail Quick and Reliable Data Deduplication Services at O2I

Outsource2india is an outsourcing company offering quality data processing services. You can trust our 18+ years of experience in serving numerous global customers and entrust your data deduplication job to us for fast, accurate and quality services. We provide a variety of services including data cleansing services, database creation services, etc. and are confident that we will meet and exceed your expectations. We also have the required infrastructure and leverage the latest tools to provide you with reliable and cost-effective services.

Contact us to outsource data deduplication and discuss your requirements with our experts. We look forward to assist you.

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