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Outsource Data Mining Services

Data mining tools are being extensively used across diverse sectors and industries like Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Marketing, etc. to recognize significant patterns, trends, relationships, and exceptions, and make better business decisions.

Accurately interpreting data leads to informed business decisions, improved processes, better quality, and enhanced customer satisfaction. If your organization has large amounts of raw data, but not enough resources nor the technical know-how to extract valuable information from it, Outsource2india's Data Mining services can help. At O2I, our qualified and experienced analysts can help you manage and extract relevant information from data sets of any size, from any industry in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our Data Mining Service Offerings

O2I's Data Mining services follow standard practices of classification, clustering, regression, pattern recognition, and all other associated rules of data mining. This in turn allows you to solve complex business problems by revealing patterns which cannot be usually detected using standard OLAP and query tools.

Our services include -

  • Contact Data Mining

    Social media has changed how the world interacts. With more than 1 billion active Facebook users and 500 million+ active Twitter users, 90% of the Fortune 500 companies are investing in data analytics and data mining techniques to predict consumer behavior, gather information and achieve better sales.

    Our social media data mining services are geared towards providing you with an unprecedented view of global communication patterns and real-time human behavior. Our analysts filter through billions of posts, interactions, user profiles, and metadata from some of the world's largest social media channels, professional social networks, blogs, and other microblogging platforms to analyze trends and provide with information vital to your company's business interests. Our social media data mining services include -

    • Contact information data mining from LinkedIn
    • Real-time and historic data mining to compare trends
    • Social data mining for deducting consumer behaviors
  • Other Data Mining Services

    We approach all our projects as a unique venture, since we know that every business, just like every single data mining project, has its own requirements. Our data mining expertise further consists of -

    • Data Extraction
    • Data Mining for Fraud Detection
    • Metadata Extraction
    • Online News and Information Research
    • Data Mining for Competitor Analysis
    • Data Mining to Judge Price Elasticity
    • Data Interpretation
    • Data Mining for Customer Segmentation
    • Data Mining for Marketing Channel Optimization
    • Spreadsheet Presentations of Extracted Data
    • Data Mining from Twitter
    • Data Mining from Facebook
    • White Pages Data Mining
    • Data Mining from Multimedia Database
    • Data Mining from Websites
    • Data Stream and Sensor Data Mining

Why Choose Outsource2india for Data Mining?

Having served over 9000 clients worldwide, our experience, proven track record of quality, and uncompromised results set our approach towards data mining and data warehousing apart from most of our competitors. With O2I as your data mining partner, you stand to gain from the following -

  • Highly cost-effective services, with almost 60% savings in operational costs
  • Free trial option to ascertain our commitment to follow quality benchmark
  • A risk-free outsourcing experience, backed-up by stringent information security policies and practices
  • Multiple delivery formats for Data mining reports, including PDF, Excel, PowerPoint presentation, XML, etc.
  • Strict dedication to the specified turnaround time without any loss in quality

Choose Outsource2india for High-quality Data Mining Services

With the help of our data mining services, you can find new, reliable patterns within a large amount of existing data (in Zettabyte), and generate actionable insights which could be beneficial for your business. You can assess our skills and expertise by taking advantage of our Free Trial Program!

Outsource2india helped a Finnish company Launch its website before the scheduled launch date by providing efficient data mining services. Read the case study.

For more information on how Outsource2india can help you make the most of your warehoused data and successfully target your business goals, Contact us now!

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