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Outsource Data Cleansing Services

Data Cleansing Services

Outsource2india offers efficient data cleansing services to ensure your databases are foolproof. With dependence on databases from third party vendors, inaccurate and misinterpreting databases can lead to ruining marketing campaigns that are ineffective and unyielding.

O2I understands the potential of properly maintained and accurate databases. O2I's data cleansing services provide the answer for anomalies found in data and databases. We help in detecting corrupted records, replacing inaccurate data, correcting values in a list of entities and eliminating typographical errors.

To help you stay focused on your marketing campaigns and achieve expected results, we help maintain and update records of your customers, partners, competition or any other information that your business needs to store in the database.

Services We Offer

Outsource2india's data cleaning or data scrubbing services cover these areas -

  1. Address Correction Services

    Outsource2india undertakes correction and updating your database for contact details of people that may have shifted to a different address, changed their phone numbers and personal information. This ensures your company's communication to customers and other contacts reaches perfectly every time you release a campaign.

  2. Removing Data Duplicates

    Outsource2india compiles huge databases of customers and contacts, and through data verification and cleansing duplicate entries are removed. This minimizes instances of information being repeated and ensures that the data size is not inflated which helps in avoiding repeated bombarding of communication to a contact.

  3. Upper/lower Case Names Conversion Services

    Outsource2india converts upper and lower case of names, taking into account language accents as a part of our data cleansing services. We believe a person's name is important in communication and customers have known to show cognizance to companies remembering their names and in the right order.

  4. Gender Addition and Correction Services

    Outsource2india takes care of adding the right gender prefixes to names in your database. Our data cleansing and data verification services ensure you are communicating with the right customers and accurately analyzing gender based reports as it can be a deciding factor in a campaign's success.

  5. Data Integrity Audit Services

    Outsource2india handles thorough data integrity audits and ensures textual information is in the text field, numerical information in the numerical fields and not elsewhere. Our data cleansing and data verification services can also be applied to other information in the database based on request.

Data Cleansing Process

Define Scope of Project

Outline the scope of data cleansing required

Trial of the Project

Carry out trial based on client inputs

Effort, Pricing & SLA

Indicate time, resources and pricing

Project Allotment

Set up data cleansing team by Project Manager

Execute Data Cleansing

Based on the project, ensure data is cleansed

Quality Assurance

Quality Assessment (QA) team performs quality checks and ensures data cleansing is error-free

Regular Delivery

Upload required output on to the client portal

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Cleansing to O2I

  • Affordable Prices

    Outsource2india provides data cleansing services at highly affordable rates which ensures companies have a successful run of their campaigns without any compromise in database related errors

  • Free Trail Offer

    Outsource2india offers a free trial offer on data cleansing, where you can get to know how we work and build your confidence level that we can partner with you in your campaigns

  • Best Infrastructure

    Outsource2india offers the best-quality data management services. Our team work on quad core processors, cloud based storage, along with high-security data back-up solutions

  • Proper Processes and Communication

    Outsource2india a proper process in place which helps maintain proper communication and ensures requirements and progress of an assignment are communicated clearly to clients

  • High Data Security

    Outsource2india maintains confidentiality agreements with our employees as well as systems security measures in place to secure your data, which ensure that all your critical data remains safe with us

  • Highly Skilled Workforce

    Outsource2india has extensive skills in managing projects of varying sizes. Our teams of data analysts are well-trained with rigorous hands-on work which makes them capable of handling any type of requests, irrespective of the complexity of data

  • Quality Assurance

    Outsource2india has a multi-stage quality checking process in place, which ensures that the database cleansing projects delivered are highly accurate and error-free

  • Extensive Portfolio

    Outsource2india has served more than 11190 customers from over 221 countries over the past 19 years and offered them a range of data management services which makes us one of the leading data management outsourcing partners

  • Quick Turnaround

    Outsource2india's multiple delivery centers across the globe has helped in handling various languages and time zones. By following a streamlined process, we have successfully completed projects within defined timelines

Choose Outsource2india for Accurate Data Cleansing Services

Maintaining an accurate database of your business-critical information is as important as the data itself. Outsource2india's data cleansing services provides easy answers to keeping your data error-free and updated so that you can use it in your sales & other business campaigns.

Get in touch with us today to outsource data cleansing services and we'll be happy to assist you. Contact us to outsource data cleansing services.

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