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Outsource Data Cleansing Services

Outsource2india offers efficient data scrubbing services to ensure that your databases are foolproof by maintaining and updating records of your customers, partners, competition or any other information that your business has stored in the database.

Outsource2india's data cleansing services

Outsource2india's data cleaning or data scrubbing services cover these areas:

1. Correction of addresses

Addresses and other contact information in a database ensure that your communication with your company's customers and / or other contacts reaches them correctly each time. We undertake correction of contact details of people that may have moved to a different address or have changed their phone numbers or personal information.

2. Remove data duplicates

Often while compiling huge databases of your customers or other contacts, there would be more than a single instance where information is repeated. This not only bloats the size of the data but also can lead to bombarding a particular contact with your communication more than once, which most people may not approve of. Through data verification and cleansing, duplicate entries can be removed.

3. Conversion of upper / lower case names

A person's name is important in communicating with him. Customers have known to show cognizance to companies remembering their names and in the right order. Our data cleansing service includes converting cases where required. We also take into account language accents in names.

4. Gender addition / correction

Our data verification service takes care of adding the right gender prefixes to names. This is important when you're communicating with customers or analyzing gender based reports.

5. Data integrity audits

Data integrity audits ensure that in a database, textual information is located in the field for text and not in the one for numbers or elsewhere. This applies to other information in the database.

Why invest in data cleansing or data verification services?

Picture this scenario – You have tons of data of potential customers and you are ready with the next direct mailing campaign. After you send promotional mailers to thousands of prospects, you realize that the database was actually that of your supplier information!

Such mistakes can happen with any of your databases and can cost you losing business. This happens usually when data and databases aren't organized and updated regularly. Fortunately there are ways to avoid this from happening; data cleansing services provides the answer for anomalies found in data and databases.

Maintaining an accurate database of your business-critical information is as important as the data themselves. Outsource2india's data cleansing services provides easy answers to keeping your data error-free and updated so that you can use it in your sales & other business campaigns.

What is data cleansing used for?

  • Detecting corrputed records
  • Replacing inaccurate data
  • Correcting values in a list of entities
  • Removing typo errors

Why Outsource2india?

  • We offer a free trial offer on data cleansing, where you can get to know how we work
  • Open channels of communication ensure than the requirements and the progress of an assignment are communicated clearly among the people involved
  • We have confidentiality agreements with our employees as well as systems security measures in place to secure your data
  • We have extensive skills in managing projects of varying sizes
  • We have served more than 9000 customers from over 45 countries over the past 18 years

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