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Outsource Terrain Modeling Services

When it comes to accurate pictorial representation of geographical terrains, Outsource2india leads the way with its advanced Terrain Modeling systems based on the principles of digital terrain models. We provide advanced terrain mapping services that are useful for modern day infrastructure planners and land developers.

Terrain Modeling Services Offered by O2I

Terrain Modeling Services

1. City Planning and Civil Monitoring Systems for Urban Planners and Architects

O2I has a made a name for itself in every project that involves the construction of sewage lines, water channels, drainage, and other community level service. We offer extensive reports on current projections and give an accurate mapping layout. We have our own team that conducts ground surveys that form the basis of the photometric surveys at the higher end.

2. Terrain Models to Support 3D Analysis

We create accurate Terrain Models to support 3D analysis of your projects. Our expert team creates beautiful and life-like 3D sceneries and models. Using LiDAR, autocorrected surfaces, and photogrammetric techniques we design a three dimensional framework on which a realistic "skin" is applied.

3. Generation of Plaster, Foam, or Thermoplastic Terrain Models

We offer smartly designed services to produce Terrain Models made of plaster, foam and thermoplastic. In addition to the ground channels, we also help create highly detailed Digital Terrain Models for the generation of contour.

4. Visualization of a Planned Infrastructure Project

Creating a golf course is a tedious task owing to the mapping of the terrain across the landscape. It must have the testing sites where the golfers can exhibit their shooting prowess. Highs and low of the terrain can be planned and surveyed using O2I's sports arena programme. When it comes to establishing a real estate infrastructure close to the beaches, the terrain could pose problem. We highlight the suitable solid ground where the foundation can be erected without any hassle. Municipal organizations and city-planning tenders swear by our name when it comes to building a city from the grounds. Our Terrain Models are the best in India.

5. High Resolution Printing of Terrain Models

O2I offers full color terrain model printing. Cutting through mountains and creating all-season roads is a challenge. We offer an accurate meshing of the surrounding landscapes and help in creating a breath-taking route through the mountains. We help create terrain models of air-strips and helipads on mountain tops and plains.

Why O2I for Terrain Modeling Services?

  • We have the best GIS and 3D terrain modeling resources in India with an experience of 13+ years
  • We have expertise in working with the latest and advanced technologies to deliver the right results to our clients
  • Our accuracy, quality, economical pricing, and timely delivery is unbeaten
  • The models created by our team aid a lot in simplifying your project, and conduct accurate analysis of the terrain
  • We build terrain models of any sizes and dimensions with great accuracy

Industries We Cater To

We cater to the needs of leading business and government organizations across the globe. The following industries depend on us for the best digital terrain models in India:

  • Gas and oil extraction industries
  • Archaeological expeditors
  • Municipal community planning commissions
  • Disaster management teams
  • Real estate builders
  • Chemical industries
  • Mining and stone quarrying industry
  • Maritime institutes and ship building industries
  • Transportation industry
  • Land developers
  • Utilities industry, and more

Outsource Terrain Modeling Services to O2I

Outsource terrain modeling to India at O2I and be assured of highest quality terrain models, delivered to you on time for your critical infrastructure of land development projects. The list of clients and the industries we cater to is growing faster with every tick of the clock.

Join us and grow big with O2I and get the best in terrain modeling and digital terrain modeling services at competitive rates.

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