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Online shopping through e-commerce websites is no more a niche market. In 2016, total retail sales across the globe reached $22.049 trillion, up by 6.0% from the previous year. A leading e-marketing company estimates that sales will top $27 trillion in 2020 and US based e-commerce is predicted to reach beyond $350 billion in sales and global sales are estimated to touch $1.5 trillion!

Whether an established e-commerce strategy, or looking to get one, the website becomes the focal point of business. e-commerce websites should be continuously updated with new information, brand new product offerings, changing inventory levels, events, and sales.

At Outsource2india, our comprehensive e-commerce data entry services can help establish a successful e-commerce business strategy by updating product information, converting catalogs, clipping and uploading images, writing product descriptions, and more!

Services Offerings - e-commerce Product Data Entry

For over 24 years, we have helped e-commerce businesses streamline their back end operations. Our e-commerce Catalog Data Entry Services include -

  1. Catalog Conversion

    Building product catalogs consistently and on a timely basis requires focused attention so that the e-commerce site generates maximum business. By converting print catalogs to electronic medium, and building brand new catalogs, we maximize the effectiveness of catalogs as a marketing and sales tool. This ensures online product catalogs are always up-to-date, can be easily accessed by customers and suit the defined target audience. We add detailed descriptions to all products, optimize high-quality product images for better customer impact, and index the products for instant search results.

  2. Catalog Indexing

    Our catalog indexing services ensure customers can quickly search and find the item they are looking for. With the help of highly-skilled resources with an extensive knowledge of specialized coding techniques, we have indexed databases containing more than a million product entries for our global clients. We guarantee -

    • Descriptions that are effective and product codes for all products
    • Categorization of products based on Categories and Sub-categories
    • Creation of correct attributes for all products
    • Provision to easily cross-sell and up-sell products based on customer search
    • Attention to proper tagging for all product images

    Along with our catalog processing services, we also provide high-quality image clipping services including Image tagging, resizing, cropping, creating thumbnails and zoom views, etc. We make sure that every product on the website has an accompanying image, because of which customers not only receive a feature-rich experience, but can also make decisions about buying a product quicker.

40% Cost Reduction
8-24 Hrs Faster Turnaround
500+ Satisfied Clients
350+ Skilled Data
Management Experts
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience

e-commerce Platform Proficiency

We provide expert e-commerce Data Entry Services for most e-commerce platforms available, including the following -

Benefits of Outsourcing e-commerce Data Entry Services to O2I

By blending our industry experience and verified methodologies with a goal-oriented approach, we can differentiate our services from our competitors. Some of the traits which set us apart include -

  • Engaging Seasoned Resource pool of e-commerce data entry professionals and imaging experts
  • Scaling up when required based on client's e-commerce business growth and other requirements
  • Using Robust infrastructure and latest software for e-commerce Product Data Entry
  • Ensuring catalogs are always updated in time
  • Saving operational costs through Cost-effective and timely services
  • Enabling work on multilingual e-commerce websites by using Domain specialists

e-commerce Product Data Entry Process We Follow

e-commerce Product Data Entry Process @ O2I

e-commerce Data Entry Scope

  1. Client Brief on eCom Data Entry Project
  2. Scope Volume of eCom Data Entry Project
  3. Define Resources, Platforms, TAT and Costing

e-commerce Data Entry Sampling

  1. Sample files Received
  2. Sample eCom Data Entry executed
  3. Processed Sample
  4. Details on Resources, Platforms, TAT and Costing

e-commerce Data Entry Process Defined

  1. Define eCom Data Entry Process Flow
  2. Work on Sample eCom Data Entry
  3. Sample eCom Data Entry Sent for Approval
  4. e-commerce Data Entry Sample Approved

e-commerce Data Entry Initiated

  1. eCom Data Entry Project files received
  2. eCom Data Entry Project Initiated
  3. Incorporate Feedback based on Sample
  4. Quality Check on eCom Data Entry Project

e-commerce Data Entry Updated

  1. eCom Data Entry Project handover based on agreed method
  2. Regularize TAT based on SLA

Choose O2I for Reliable e-commerce Catalog Data Entry Services

Our e-commerce data entry services are delivered with the assurance that all product information such as titles, description, prices, images, etc. are manually checked and reviewed before uploading them to a website. Therefore, there is never the worry or risk of incorrect product listings and database errors.

Contact us now for high-quality e-commerce product data entry services. Our data management experts will be glad to cater to your customized requirements.

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