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Outsource Food Nutrition Scale Data Entry Services

Food Nutrition Scale Data Entry Services

As more people open up to living a healthy lifestyle and start making conscious food decisions, food nutrition labels and their importance become even more relevant in today's world. Most nutrition labels display a wide range of information including serving size, number of servings, calories, amount of various nutrients in the product, allergen information, etc.

Nutrition scale data entry, although a much recent variant, is already a highly sought after service by food production companies and agricultural producers. Accurate and concise nutrition labeling not only follows governmental regulations, but also empowers the customers to confidently choose your product. At Flatworld, we consider ourselves experts in data entry services, and are extremely familiar with the food labeling standards of USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. This ensures we can provide the best-in-class food nutrition scale data entry services to client across the globe.

Our Nutritional Scale Data Entry Services

Along with detailed knowledge of food codes and components, this niche area of data entry also requires extreme attention to detail and an inherent ability to maintain client confidentiality, both of which we can provide in large measures.

When you outsource food nutrition scale data entry to us, we ensure that not only are our services of the highest quality, but also, understanding the sensitivity of this particular process, employs "double data entry" procedures so as to ensure data authenticity and completeness. Our data entry platform is nimble enough to suit both online data entry (through CMS platforms) and offline data entry, as per your requirements. On top of that, if so required, we can also supply complete OCR support for secondary validation.

We can expertly label the following for you -

  • Food Flavor
  • Allergen Warnings
  • Photo/Images
  • Food Serving Size
  • Nutrition Facts
  • Packaging Directions
  • Production Enterprise
  • Production Manufacturer
  • Product Brand
  • Product Ingredients
  • Product Size
  • Country of Origin & Manufacture
  • Brand Logos
  • Claims Information
  • Weight Information

When you outsource nutrition scale data entry to us, you can be confident about the project outcome, while ensuring that you can focus on several other resource intensive tasks at the same time.

Our Nutrition Scale Data Entry Process

Receiving Direct Copies of Products Nutrition Label from ClientThe client sends us images/direct copies/screenshots of a product's nutrition label
Converting Files in PDFs or Any Other Format as RequestedWe accurately convert the files in PDFs or any other format as requested
Files are Forwarded to Data Entry operatorsThe files are then forwarded to our data entry operators
Accurate Info is then Populated into a Client's CMS of ChoiceAccurate information is then populated into a client's CMS of choice, or offline on an excel/word file
Final Deliverable Is Then Sent to The Client for VerificationThe final deliverable is then sent to the client for verification

O2I's Security Guarantee

At Outsource2india, we understand that for most companies, food nutrition scale data entry is not an easy task to be outsourced because of the inherent security concerns. Therefore, our security measures ensure not only significant peace of mind, but enhanced client satisfaction as well. Our security measures include -

  • Legally-binding and thorough NDAs signed by all managers and employees assigned to your project
  • End-to-end secure email communication with digital signatures
  • Secure and encrypted VPN remote access
  • Locked and secure employee work stations
  • Password-protected and encrypted networks and dual-factor authentication at every step
  • 24/7 Camera and Video recording of the premises

Choose Outsource2india for High-quality Food Nutrition Scale Data Entry Services

At O2I, we believe that by displaying accurate food labels for your customers, not only do you elevate business transparency, but also secure further goodwill. With 19 years of experience in data entry services, we believe we will be able to offer you the best combination of in-house expertise and cost-effectiveness that you are looking for.

Contact us right away and learn how we can make a difference while helping you achieve your operational goals.

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