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Outsource Text and Web Mining Services

Our Pharmaceutical Data Mining solutions account for 3 data types: Text, Web and Numerical.

If your company is looking for pharmaceutical data mining services at an affordable cost, then you have come to the right place. At Outsource2india, we have over 18 years of extensive experience in meeting the pharmaceutical data mining needs of global companies. Just tell us your business requirements and we can assure you of fast, accurate and reliable data mining services that will be designed to meet your unique requirements.

We take pride in having the required technology, tools, infrastructure and team members to deliver proficient pharmaceutical data mining services. By opting for our data mining solutions, you can give your business a head-start and get ahead of your competitors.

Our Service Offerings

As our customer, you can take your pick from three data types, namely Text Data Mining, Web Data Mining and Numerical Data Mining -

1. Text Data Mining

The extraction of knowledge from a huge chunk of scientific literature poses a huge challenge to the informatics community. The prime suppository for biomedical literature "PubMed" seems to grow with an extra million every 3 months. With PubMed already crossing over 16 million articles, knowledge management has now become an extremely crucial factor. Without efficient systems that can easily and quickly fetch specific information , it is almost impossible for research scientists or pharmaceutical companies to fetch the information related to their research.

Since the major chunk of literary information is in the form of unstructured text, an intelligent text mining system could provide a platform for extracting and managing specific information at the entity level. For example, through text mining, you can easily extract information pertaining to Genes, Proteins, Diseases, Organisms or Chemical substances. Text mining would also help in providing insights into inter-relationships such as Protein-Protein, Gene-Gene, Protein-Chemical, Gene-Disease and Drug-Drug interactions.

Text mining can be applied to the following areas for data curation and database population in a semi-automated manner -

  1. Bio-medical literature (PubMed Central, Medline Abstracts)
  2. Chemical literature (ACS Publications)
  3. Patents (USPTO)
  4. Clinical documents (Clinical trial and research)
  5. Other medical literary sources

Opt for our text mining services in biology or chemistry and be sure of accurate tools, as we use the best proprietary tools available in the industry. We also offer exclusive literature mining services for establishing SAR relationships.

2. Web Data Mining

With the enormous growth of the World Wide Web, the informational resource pertaining to biology and chemistry through the internet have reached new heights. The heterogeneous platforms and data types spread across the internet makes it difficult for an end-user to have easy access to information. As of now, there are more than 1000 web portals which provide access to various Biological and Chemical databases. The accessibility to these heterogeneous databases under one roof would be a formidable solution. To achieve this, you will require customized search engines and indexing mechanisms which can map the URLs, web content and associated files, in order to extract the static and dynamic data. However, with web data mining, you can instantly get access to the information that you want from across the web.

3. Numerical Data Mining

The automated and semi-automated systems for high throughput screening and analysis in drug research generate huge amounts of numerical data. The interpretation of results from these numerical data involves normalization and identification of nominal patterns, which in turn requires statistical techniques to be followed. This has to be addressed through the development of component and field specific applications. Likewise, the chemical structures too have to be handled in the form of numbers and combinations. The properties and the structural configuration of chemical compounds are now manipulated in the form of numbers. Thus, there is a major challenge in handling these numerical data. However, with numerical data mining services, this issue can be addressed through techniques such as Clustering, Decision Trees and Neural Networks.

Outsource Now!

Whatever be the complexity of your pharmaceutical data mining problem, we have the perfect solution. Be it text, web or numerical data mining, we have the capability to handle any type of data mining accurately and efficiently, within your deadline. All you have to do is outsource data mining to us and shift your focus onto your core business activities. We will do the rest for you.

Contact us today to get started on outsourcing and learn how your company can get a competitive edge.

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